The Name of Peace Is Justice: Voices of the FARC-EP


The summer of 2012 brought news of dialogues between the government of Colombia and the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) which would begin in November of the same year.  These new conversations are of great importance for the Colombian people and for the continent as a whole.  What is at stake is nothing less than the possibility of a political conclusion to the conflict (a social conflict with an armed dimension) that has torn apart the South American country for more than 50 years.

El Nombre de la Paz es Justiciais a documentary by the Equipo EDC which takes us to Havana, where the dialogues are happening.  There we listen to various members of the FARC-EP’s peace delegation: among them the comandantes Ricardo Téllez, Jesús Santrich, Andrés Paris, and Marco León Calarcá, along with the internationalist Alexandra Nariño, the guerrilleras Camila Cienfuegos and Diana Grajales, and the musician Jaime Nevado.

Rich in personal stories, this new documentary describes daily life and culture in the FARC.  However, its principal focus is the political and military organization’s long search for a lasting peace.  For the FARC, peace is synonymous with social justice; a real peace will exist to the degree that the roots of the conflict are eliminated: the extreme inequality in the country, the free exploitation of its resources by transnationals, and the violent exclusion of the Colombian people from political life.

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