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Archive | July, 2015

Why Greece Doesn't Matter

Why Greece Doesn’t Matter

  We have to stop talking about Greece.  What must emerge from the calamity of SYRIZA-ANEL is a renewed call for democracy. There is a scene in the 1972 political satire The Candidate where Robert Redford looks at the camera and quietly says, “Politicians don’t talk, they make sounds.” For the past five years Greece […]

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Sendika.Org Will Not Be Silenced!

We won’t accept oppression, and we won’t bow to censorship. To the attention of friend and foe alike: Amid its murder of socialist youth via the jihadist gangs that it has fed at the cost of many lives in the Middle East, its call to war amid the bombing of Kandil, as well as its […]

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Berlin, July 1, 1990 — Athens, July 1, 2015

In a recent news video I watched people pushing and shoving at a bank entrance.  I immediately recalled another scene, also with people pushing at a bank entrance.  In the older scene people looked eager and gleeful, pushing so hard, I believe, that one man’s rib was broken.  In the recent pictures they looked very […]

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The Spectre of the Thirties

The Reserve Bank of India, as is to be expected, has been denying that its governor Raghuram Rajan had ever suggested that the world was facing the possibility of a 1930s-type Great Depression.  Members of the “global financial community” are not supposed to say such things; so even if Dr Rajan did, a denial was […]

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Lessons from a defeat in Europe

The Troika are celebrating the end of negotiations with Greece, proclaiming that thanks to their tireless efforts the Eurozone remains whole.  And why wouldn’t they celebrate?  They have demonstrated their power to crush, at least for now, the Greek effort to end austerity and its associated devastating social consequences.  Tragically, Syriza has not only surrendered, […]

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General Strike Called in Greece Against the Third Memorandum

  There are more powerful things than the Troika Solidarity needed more than before Συλλαλητήριο ενάντια στο νέο μνημόνιο Δευτέρα 13.7.15 και ώρα 7:00μμ — Α.Δ.Ε.Δ.Υ. (@adedygr) July 13, 2015 Civil servant union ADEDY also calls public sector workers for anti-bailout demonstration outside Parliament at 7pm local time. #Greece — Elena Becatoros (@ElenaBec) July […]

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The Socialist Imperative: From Gotha to Now

The Book Is a Weapon

The theme of the following talk, delivered at the Filven, Venezuela’s International Book Fair, in Caracas on 8 November 2008, is central to The Socialist Imperative: From Gotha to Now, published by Monthly Review Press this month, available soon in bookstores. The theme of this book fair, “the book in the construction of Bolivarian socialism,” […]

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Criminal Interest

Debt wedged sharply on the shoulders,          necks, heads and bodies of state. A debt to others, burrowed deep, deeper, deeply into          caves of criminal interest. Debt composed of mounds of soft bills, notes, and hard-edged instruments of finance, a percussion beating, in          a nation’s ears. Clanging sounds of resistance, echoes of agony […]

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For some in other lands and continents Greece may seem distant and marginal, a few narrow peninsulas and scattered archipelagos jutting out of the sea.  Some may vaguely recall school knowledge about it.  “Didn’t some fellow named Prometheus steal fire from the gods?  Or was it Alexander the Great untying some “Gordian knot”?  Or a […]

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Charleston Massacre

He had grown bloated on the red hot empty calories of right wing race hatred. He carried his gun hidden in his pants like sex power into a church to murder. What safer place to slaughter? On city streets someone else might be carrying, but church was guaranteed to let him kill without danger to […]

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