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DC school board member: ‘Feminists need rape’

Originally published: Patheos on February 1, 2018 by Ed Brayton (more by Patheos)  | (Posted Feb 06, 2018)

The Washington, DC Public Charter School Board oversees some 120 public charter schools in the nation’s capitol, serving more than 43,000 students. And one member of that school board, John Goldman, is an MRA with clear white supremacist leanings. He has admitted to having an alter ego, “Jack Murphy,” under which he posted to websites and participated in debates. Among his greatest hits:

“Men have a natural tendency towards dominance and women to passivity and submission,” Murphy wrote in 2015. “For a feminist who has rejected polarity and embraced sameness, this presents a paradox. The cognitive dissonance between her chosen dogma and the urge to get choked during sex is painful.”

This guy is around kids, mind you.

He added, “I assure you, behind even the most ardent feminist facade is a deep desire to be dominated and even degraded.”

This is the argument for his central premise, which is simple: “Rape is the best therapy for the problem. Feminists need rape.”

And yet this man says, absurdly, “I am a social justice advocate.” No. You aren’t. Not by any reasonable definition. And he certainly sounds like a white supremacist here, doesn’t he?

“I have come into the exploration of white identity politics from a belief that there is a feminist/Marxist overreach combined with intersectionality that has deemed victim culture here in the U.S. as where we are. Every minority group, self-identified to some intersection, has become a victim,” he said.He continued, “By virtue of them being a victim there must be a perpetrator. That perpetrator according to them is me. A straight white male, Russian-Jewish and Catholic-Irish, but that doesn’t matter. Through intersectionality I become the perpetrator of all evils in the U.S.”

Just another whiny white man upset at the notion that white people have victimized dark-skinned people in a thousand different waya and continue to do so today. And all that anti-feminist and anti-Marxist talk comes straight out of white supremacist rhetoric. He may hate Richard Spencer and he may not believe in a white ethno-state, but he’s using precisely the same kind of coded language they use to justify those ideas. A kinder, gentler racist and misogynist.

He has been suspended by the DC charter board. He needs to be removed completely. Forever.

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