Imagining the Green New Deal with Robert Hockett

In this episode, we speak with Robert Hockett, Edward Cornell professor of Law at Cornell Law School. At Cornell, Hockett teaches and writes about organizational, financial, and monetary law and economics. He’s also worked as a fellow for the Century Foundation and as a consultant to a number of international financial institutions and state legislatures.

We talk with Hockett about his role in crafting the Green New Deal Resolution, his conception of finance as a franchise, and his experience as an advisor to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well to Senators Sanders and Warren.

Professor Hockett’s notable publications include his essays, “The Finance Franchise,” co-authored with Saule T. Omarova and “The Green New Deal: Mobilizing for a Just, Prosperous, and Sustainable Economy,” co-authored with Rhiana Gunn-Wright.