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A night view of Shenzhen city in South China's Guangdong province. Photo

Lefebvre in the Age of COVID

COVID has upended urban life as we once knew it. But it intensified already existing pathologies, those contaminating “normal,” pre-pandemic life. Our present urban reality is one of the de-encounter, a thinning down rather than thickening up, the dispersion and dilution of city life, its fear and loathing.

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The chants of “Down with imperialism! We need another world,” at the Trillo Park rally, make more sense now than ever. Photo: Juvenal Balán

A sense of the political

How can we spread the idea that politics is not the exclusive field of social actors who formally hold a given position? Politics, as the Revolution has shown since its first days, is the everyday arena in which we clarify everything that makes sense in our lives.

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Medical face mask and money, world coronavirus epidemic and economic damages. Corona virus concept. (Photo: 'Flickr' Jernej Furman)

Billionaires and the Pandemic

WEALTH distribution data are notoriously difficult to interpret. This is because variations in stock prices affect wealth distribution, so that a stock market boom suddenly makes the rich appear much richer, while a stock market collapse makes wealth distribution less unequal overnight.

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The Increasingly Impossible Middle Class

The increasingly impossible middle class

IN 2010 THE Commerce Department prepared data for the Obama administration’s Middle Class Task Force, headed by Vice President Joe Biden. Sidestepping knotty problems–see below–of just who was middle class, part of their study proposed a host of expectations that a middle class family would hold.

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