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The White Helmets fraud in Syria

Originally published: Prensa Latina on December 22, 2020 by Pedro Gomez (more by Prensa Latina)  | (Posted Dec 24, 2020)

Damascus, 22 Dec (Prensa Latina) Syria has just now denounced the support of Western powers for the supposed ‘humanitarian’ organization the White Helmets as a crude piece of fraud and media manipulation.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry criticized the German government’s deceitful and misinformed justification of the presence in that European nation, seeking an offer of asylum, of Raed Al Saleh, leader of that ‘organization,’ an ally of the terrorist Front for the Liberation of the East, formerly known as the Al Nusra Front,.

For Syria, such actions ‘constitute a flagrant violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council’ and are part of the disinformation campaign that has become the constant refrain of ‘the treacherous war’ against this country of the Levant.

This has occurred even though the German Interior Ministry has warned that Al Saleh is linked to terrorist groups, as has been reported by several publications in that European country, such as the Der Spiegel weekly.

The story of this ringleader, according to abundant data on him since at least 2013, indicates that together with the late James Le Mesurier, he founded the White Helmets through a shell company called Mayday Rescue, registered in the Netherlands with offices in Amsterdam, Dubai, Jordan and Turkey.

In 2018, Al Saleh himself was interviewed by the Turkish agency Anadolu, and he sidestepped his links with Le Mesurier, a former UK army officer and security consultant in that nation, whom Russia’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharovic, reported as having connections with terrorist groups in Kosovo and the Middle East.

The current ‘asylum seeker’ in Germany, recognized on that occasion that the organization receives financial and material support from United Kingdom, United States, Holland, Denmark, Spain and Berlin, in addition to mentioning the Turkish Disaster Management Agency and the Red Crescent with headquarters in Ankara. He also admitted that Mayday Rescue is the front that channels all that support.

Neither at that time nor after the death of Le Mesurier in Istanbul at the end of 2019, in circumstances that have never been clarified, did Al Saleh refer to his connection with Le Mesurier nor the role he played in the whole organization of the White Helmets.

Despite the evidence of the ‘assistance’ of the Zionist regime of Israel, the current head of the supposed humanitarian organization has never given the details of the ‘evacuation’ of himself, his family and 400 other members of the White Helmets in 2018 from areas of the Syrian provinces of Deraa and Quneitra to Jordan.

On that date, the Syrian army expelled the terrorist groups from those regions, but the terrorists received logistical support in field hospitals set up by Israel, right on the border of the occupied Syrian Golan territories.

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