| Nelson Mandela | MR Online Nelson Mandela, who has been smeared as a “an enabler of anti-Semitism” by Israel national news.

Israel’s post-Gaza bombing assault on Black history and identities

The term racism, used to describe what is experienced by Black groups, has a very specific meaning. It has replaced words such as bias, prejudice, and bigotry to point more precisely to the structural condition of the Black experience—a people who were once owned and colonized; whose original lands, culture, languages, and more were taken by force; and who, in modern society, have little or no collective institutional or financial power to combat their ghettoization in, predominantly, the lower reaches of Western class systems.1

To continue the marginalization of Black and, more recently, Muslim groups, you do not have to suddenly turn society upside down or challenge the dominant religious white or secular culture, or even, as in Nazi Germany, change citizenship and property ownership rules—in contrast to periodic historic assaults on certain white ethno-religious groups, who, by comparison, have sometimes enjoyed bourgeois, socioeconomic class power. In this respect, in the binary terms of oppressor/oppressed, Black people, unlike white ethnic groups, most often do not have the choice or structural reality to be the former.

Illustrative of this comparison is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr leading a rent strike against exploitative white ethnic Jewish landlords in 1966 Chicago. Dr. King summarized this difficult reality thus:

The urban Negro has a special and unique relationship to Jews. He meets them in two dissimilar roles. On the one hand, he is associated with Jews as some of his most committed and generous partners in the civil rights struggle. On the other hand, he meets them daily as some of his most direct exploiters in the ghetto as slum landlords and gouging shopkeepers. Jews have identified with Negroes voluntarily in the freedom movement, motivated by their religious and cultural commitment to justice. The other Jews who are engaged in commerce in the ghettos are remnants of older communities. A great number of Negro ghettos were formerly Jewish neighborhoods; some storekeepers and landlords remained as population changes occurred. They operate with the ethics of marginal business entrepreneurs, not Jewish ethics, but the distinction is lost on some Negroes who are maltreated by them.2

Two years prior to this, in 1964, Malcolm X made a similar clarification of this type of experience, stating in conversation with Monthly Review that “this doesn’t mean that we are anti-Jews or anti-Semitic—we are anti-exploitation.”3

The same year, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman gave their lives in Mississippi, where they were killed alongside African-American voter registration activist James Chaney. Schwerner and Goodman were Jewish and had travelled a long way from home to make this sacrifice for Black civil rights.4 These very differing accounts of exploitation versus altruistic solidarity, however, are not representative of some sort of sociological incoherence within white Western Jewish populations, but rather indicative that economic abuse and oppression can be options for those who are relatively advantageously positioned within capitalism and its societal and colonial hierarchies.

In summer 2014, between July 7 and August 26, Israel bombarded Gaza with “6,000 airstrikes, 14,500 tank shells and 45,000 artillery shells.” According to these UN figures, Israel killed 551 children, out of a total death toll of 2,252 Palestinians.5 Since then, Israel, aided by well-funded allies in the corporate media, has engaged in a continuous high-profile moral panic about anti-Semitism in Britain and other Western societies, clearly designed to obscure and overwrite its own offences. Indicative of the dual trends that Dr. King identified, many of the initial victims of the moral panic were courageous antiracist Jewish critics of well-documented apartheid Israel—including Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Jewish Voices for Labour, Jewdas, the academic Norman Finkelstein, journalist Max Blumenthal, members of Jews for Justice for PalestiniansNaomi Wimborne-Idrissi of Free Speech on Israel, pro-Palestinian activist Tony Greenstein, and the list is ever growing.6

Perhaps more significant has been the attack on prominent Black figures and organizations. Even prior to the 2014 moral panic, Nelson Mandela had been pejoratively labelled “an enabler of anti-Semitism.”7 This despite the fact that the African National Congress under Mandela relied on strategic Jewish resistance and, more significantly, subsequently built South Africa’s new Constitutional Court around members of the white Jewish legal team who had defended Mandela on capital charges under apartheid.8

Another Black Nobel Peace Prize winner and long-term critic of Israeli apartheid, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has also been regularly smeared, as were Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X.9 To these names we can add Jackie Walker, Malia Bouattia, and campaigner Marc Wadsworth—the latter a Black activist in the historic Stephen Lawrence racist killing case.10 U.S. senators Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley have faced similar attacks.11 Black academic Marc Lamont Hill was sacked by CNN because his advocacy for Palestinians was spun as anti-Semitism.12 Attempts were made to “rescind” a Civil Rights Award to academic and former 1960s radical icon Angela Davis, again on the basis of historic critiques of Israel and support for Palestinians.13 Blumenthal has also raised the issues of Israel’s attack on the Black Lives Matter movement due its shared empathy with Palestinian persecution.14

Given the original definition of racism, how are Black and Indigenous peoples remotely structurally positioned to racially oppress specific white ethnic groups? In fact, their very vulnerability to public and institutionalized attacks suggests otherwise. In many of these examples, the interests of an external well-documented apartheid state are even put before the internal democratic rights of Black citizens in their own countries. Incredibly, some Washington journalists would sooner defend a foreign country rather than their fellow Black citizens being killed on the streets.15

Smearing Black and Indigenous People as Racist

When Indigenous people dispute Israel’s white settlers claim to Palestinian land, it is the occupying Zionists who are spun as the victims of the supposed “racism” of Native peoples—a key pillar of Israel’s ideology, supported by the global corporate media. When Black critics dispute Israel’s white Western supporters, they are deemed—against all logic—racist against whites. Yet, despite claims of anti-Semitism, the religion of the oppressor is hardly the issue for Black and Indigenous groups. Israel’s attacks on Black and Indigenous (Palestinian) constituencies have thus not been a haphazard public relations strategy, but have functioned to create a hierarchy of victimhood, with Israel and its supporters at the top. Where they are inconvenient to this hierarchy of victimhood, the Black experience of racism, Black history, the right to express these and even the complexities of Black diasporic identity are willfully and brutally expunged from the consciousness of corporate media representation.

After the 2014 Gaza bombing, Israel and its corporate media allies smeared large parts of the UK Labour Party, apparently fearing the return of its traditional antiracist, anti-imperialist, anticolonial politics. Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker were two Black activists subjected to the resulting pro-Israel anti-Semitism moral panic, which resulted in an internal “inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party,” researched by lawyer Shami Chakrabarti.

Marc Wadsworth

At the launch of the report, human rights activist and then Labour Party-supporting Black journalist Marc Wadsworth spotted right-wing pro-Israel Labour member of parliament Ruth Smeeth working alongside a journalist from the Daily Telegraph—a Tory supporting paper at the forefront of the moral panic.16 Previously, union leader Len McClusky and Jewish activist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi had been critical of neoliberal Labour collusion with the whipped up fervor. Supporting this analysis, and as one of the few Black minority Britons in the room, Wadsworth stated:

I saw that the Telegraph handed a copy of a press release to Ruth Smeeth MP so you can see who is working hand in hand. If you look around this room, how many African Caribbean and Asian people are there? We need to get our house in order.17

On the basis of this statement and with little relevance to what had been stated, Smeeth accused Wadsworth of “vile conspiracy theories about Jewish people,” suggesting that he had articulated or implied a traditional Jewish media conspiracy narrative.18 Avoiding any cross-examination, Smeeth then stormed out, followed by the entire press corps who treated her theatrical accusation as a reality.

Smeeth’s blatantly performative allegation about Wadsworth made no rational sense. The Daily Telegraph and its management group were owned by the Scottish Catholic Barclay brothers. Before that, the owner was Conrad Black, who converted from Protestantism to Catholicism—so, no Jewish connection.

Similarly, Wadsworth’s complaint about Black identity and representation is entirely apt when compared to the British census of 2011. According to the census, British Jews make up 0.5 percent of the population (1 in every 200 people); Black groups 3 percent; mixed-race groups 2 percent; and Asian groups together roughly 7 percent–adding up to a total 12 percent of the population.19 Put simply, for every Ruth Smeeth in the room, there should have been twenty-four Black minority group Britons. Wadsworth was a physical embodiment of the structural nature of British racism, even as his “talking back” was smeared for supposedly oppressing a more privileged member of a white ethnic group.

Subsequently, the entire British media pretended Wadsworth was possibly an “extremist” Corbyn-type supporter and absented his antiracist history. His activism, including supportively introducing the parents of murdered Black teenager Steven Lawrence to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, was censored by news outlets that had previously covered his human rights work, such as the BBC, Independent, (which had featured him three times prior), and Guardian (for whom he contributed columns).20 Wadsworth was expelled from Labour—not for anti-Semitism, which clearly could not be proven, but for bringing the Party into disrepute.21

Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker is a Black Jamaican-British antiracist and pro-Palestinian activist. She is also Jewish. In 2016, she attended a Labour Party Conference fringe anti-Semitism training day event, where the issue of linking criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism was being contested. She tried to raise the issue of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade who were absented from Holocaust Memorial Day and the implicit hierarchies of victimhood built into the Memorial Day institution. Walker was shouted down by members of the right-wing pro-Israel “Jewish Labour Movement”22 when she said:

I came in here… looking for information and I still haven’t heard a definition of anti-Semitism that I can work with.… [shouting from audience] And in terms of Holocaust Day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to all people who experienced Holocaust.… In practice, it’s not actually circulated and advertised as such.23

Walker suffered repeated aggressive attempts to deflect the issue. She eventually offered clarification that she was referring directly to the slave trade and the issues of white privileging hierarchies of victimhood. Significantly, reference to Holocaust Memorial Day’s scandalous absenting of victims of slavery and the Black holocausts of the Western white imperialist tradition—of which Israel is the latest colonial manifestation—was censored, and continues to be, from all UK reporting. In subsequent coverage, Black Holocaust denial was actually a feature of an infamous interview on September 29, 2016, with Jackie Walker by UK Ch4 TV News’s Cathy Newman. In actual fact, a figure of “60 million and more” victims of the transatlantic slave trade has been accepted as standard for decades, as featured in the preface to Toni Morrison’s Beloved  and in Slavery Remembrance Day.24

As a monolith, the media spun Walker’s qualifying comments about Jewish participation in the slave trade as a lie, and the worst of anti-Semitic slurs. Yet, illustrative of media hypocrisy, the Jewish Chronicle—that led the charge against Walker—a year after its strategic manufactured outrage, sent one of its female reporters, Harriet Green, to trace her roots in the former slave economy of Barbados. She wrote: “There’s a dark side to this.… It is estimated 387,000 Africans were shipped to the island against their will. To be perfectly clear: the wealth of the island (and perhaps my forebears) was a direct result of appalling suffering.”25 Prior to the moral panic, the Huffington Post had commissioned a same themed article, on Jewish roots in the same former slave economy, from Alison Stein Wellner.26

In contrast to the outraged strategic positioning of the Israel lobby, Pope John Paul II apologized for the Catholic Church’s role in slavery in 1985 and again in 1992.27 The United Kingdom’s Arch-Bishop of Canterbury had, in 2006, apologized on behalf of the Protestant Church of England “for benefiting from the slave trade” and again in 2020.28 The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, apologized in 1995 and admitted to a history of “slaveholding” and “deep racism” in 2018.29

Stealing Black Experience

This moral panic has been eliminating the history and critical vocabulary that references Israel, its Zionist lobby, and racism. Mirroring this is also the appropriation of victim status and experience of the Black oppressed and, even unashamedly, its vocabulary and phrases. An old white exemption for racism against Black people—so old that it has adapted its terminology with the passing of generations—used to be: “I’m not racist some of my best friends are colored,” which changed to “I’m not racist some of my best friends are Negro,” which evolved over time to “I’m not racist some of my best friends are Black,” and now finally in the United States “I’m not racist some of my best friends are African American.”

Guardian opinion editor Jonathan Freedland took this expression and spun it for new younger readers as a uniquely a Jewish experience and phrase.30 The sentiment “only Black people know what racism is”—sometimes expressed as “only Black people know what racism feels like”—was changed, for the purposes of advocating for Israel in a Guardian  column by Howard Jacobson, into “Jews know what anti-Semitism is and what it isn’t.”31 This phrasing was followed up in items selected for the letters page.32 Similarly, Jeremy Newmark of the entryist pro-Israel Jewish Labour Movement is alleged to have taken Malcolm X’s expressions house slave and house n*gg*r and rebranded them as court Jew, in reference to Jackie Walker.33 Not only that, but they have also taken the ancient uppity n*gg*r slur and changed it for the purposes of the current pro-Zionist moral panic, into pushy Jew (bizarrely, despite “the timid Jew” being a historical racist stereotype).34 Palestinians, who have long been saying that Israel has been naturalizing settler identities by rebranding Indigenous Palestinian cuisine as its own, may find these tactics familiar.

Individual Racism of the Lobby

| David Baddiel Blacked up | MR Online

David Baddiel in the 1990s subjecting black footballer Jason Lee to racist mockery as a “pineapple head”. See Joe Moore, “Ex-Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee on David Baddiel and Frank Skinner Fantasy Football abuse that went ‘too far’,” May 22, 2020, TalkSport.

Finally, there is the issue of the free pass on individual racism, given to those making Labour Party anti-Semitism accusations. The frequently quoted accusations by “comedian” David Baddiel of Labour anti-Semitism were media supported despite his invention of the slur pineappleheads to describe Black people wearing traditional “locks and cornrows.”35 Baddiel had donned Black face as part of an infamous television series in which he ridiculed Black footballer Jason Lee on the basis of his ethnic appearance.36 His incitements resulted in thousands at football stadiums racially abusing Lee and his family.37

The Jewish Peer and entrepreneur Alan Sugar also made unsubstantiated complaints of Labour anti-Semitism. Yet, during the 2018 soccer world cup, he was outed for making traditional generic British “all darkies look the same”-type jokes about the Senegal football team. Sugar’s slur was reported internationally, even in the Washington Post and across the United States, publicly condemned by Senegalese officials, and his resignation demanded by the African Press.38 Yet, his unsubstantiated pro-Israel anti-Semitism complaints remain media undented, as does his BBC his career.

Similarly, the UK Israel-supporting Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis champions the so-called Tebbit test for ethnic minorities, claiming that “minorities need to pass the Norman Tebbit test.”39 The Tebbit test is a highly controversial and contested right-wing mechanism, condemned as racist, that suggests you can tell Black Britons are not really British by their “unpatriotic” support for foreign sports teams. By comparison, in the Chief Rabbi’s universe, equivalently questioning British white ethnic support for a foreign apartheid colonial state is anti-Semitism.

White Liverpool-born Jewish satirist Alexei Sayle, who had advocated on behalf of Jackie Walker and Labour Party figures like her, rightly concluded:

There can be no greater injustice than anti-racists being accused of racism by racists.40


The Labour Party has now suffered neoliberal capture. The socialist antiracist Jewish Voice for Labour says that “its members are 20 times more likely than non-Jewish Labour members to face antisemitism complaints… 53 percent of JVL [Jewish Voice for Labour] officers have faced actioned complaints of antisemitism, a rate 180 times higher than non-Jewish Labour Party members.”

The Jewish Chronicle has been at the forefront of the pro-Israel moral panic. The industry’s own kid glove in-house regulator IPSO has cited it for twenty-eight breaches of the editors’ code. It has incurred four major libel defeats, one of which was for “substantial damages” to Marc Wadsworth after a further subsequent smear was made against him. “According to Wadsworth, this is the fifteenth time in five years that the paper has had to retract or correct misinformation about him.”41


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