Introducing our new podcast: ‘Movies vs Capitalism’

Originally published: The Lever on February 7, 2023 (more by The Lever)  |


We’ve got some exciting news! Thanks to our dedicated readers and supporters, we’re adding another fantastic podcast to our roster. Today, The Lever launches its newest show: Movies vs. Capitalism, a podcast that explores the politics of your favorite films through an anti-capitalist lens. Trailer below:

Hosted by actor, playwright, and artist educator Rivka Rivera, and writer, producer, and political content creator Frank Cappello, Movies vs. Capitalism examines the crucial intersection between pop culture and politics. Each episode, the hosts are joined by a special guest for an irreverent yet critical discussion about a film and how it’s *obviously* a scathing indictment of late-stage capitalism.

The first episode is available today and features Lever founder David Sirota discussing one of his favorite movies: Ghostbusters.

Movies vs. Capitalism unpacks how the ideological messages baked into some of our favorite movies inform our values and perspective, offering an anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-heteronormative, anti-imperialist analysis of your favorite talking pictures. But, like, in a fun way!

We hope you enjoy this new addition to The Lever’s podcast network.

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