• Donald Trump, left, and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan Credit From left: Damon Winter/The New York Times, Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times

    The faux antiracism of the Republican Party

    As this tragedy unfolds let us hope that people do not forget who the enemies of antiracism are. They won’t be crashing cars into protestors, but their policies should be treated with the same rebuke that we have for Saturday’s driver.

  • Trump’s Former Virginia Chair Goes Full-On Racist Confederate in Bid for Governor “Inspired by Trump, his former Virginia chair runs the ‘most openly Confederate-friendly campaign in recent memory'” — PoliticusUSA, 3/29/17

    The weasel: Corey Stewart

    As Republican politicians distance themselves from the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, the former chairman of Trump’s Virginia campaign blames the victims.