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Author Archive | Ana Edwards

Anti-racist Struggle Continues in Powhatan, Va.

The chant “No Justice, No Peace!” rang out once again in Virginia’s rural Powhatan County, as some 250 people marched May 17 on the county courthouse.  The protesters, almost all African-Americans and including a large number of uniformed motorcycle club members, were denouncing what they charged was a racist court decision in the shooting death […]

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Stop the Re-Paving of the “Burial Ground for Negroes”

Dear Friends, Please see this photo.  Virginia Commonwealth University has taken possession of the downtown parking lot under which lies the more than 200-year old “Burial Ground for Negroes.”  Before 1807, this was the only municipal cemetery in Richmond that accepted Black people, enslaved or free.  This is where the remains of hundreds, perhaps thousands, […]

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