• Evo Appeals for Dialogue and the Opposition Challenges Him to Win His Mandate at a Recall Referendum

    Abruptly, and at record speed, the Senate passed a law to hold a recall referendum. President Evo Morales invited the opposition governors of the “Media Luna” (the half-moon-shaped region composed of the Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando, and Tarija departments) to resume dialogue on Monday afternoon with an agenda for open discussion and offered guarantees for […]

  • Evo: Half of Cruceños Do Not Want Separatists’ Autonomy

    This is no autonomist victory nor is it a “democratic fiesta” — it’s a violent, failed opinion poll whose rate of abstention is three times the usual rate, says the President. The illegal and unconstitutional referendum resoundingly failed to adopt the statute of autonomy for Santa Cruz, said President Evo Morales, as the poll showed […]