• Sofie from Norway Has Questions for Sara in Iran

    Sofie from Norway Asks What Iranians Would Think about Her Art Project of Having a Woman Pose in Burqa in the Red Light District of Amsterdam Sara in Iran Compares Her Project with Sofie’s Sofie Asks Iranian Women: “Are You Protected in a Burqa?” Sara Answers Sofie’s Question Couscous Global makes and broadcasts movies of […]

  • Young Iranians Answer Questions from Young Americans and Europeans

    Questions to Young Iranians Young Iranians Discuss Iran’s Government Young Iranians Debate Israel, America, and Iran’s Nuclear Program Young Iranians Debate Obama and Ahmadinejad Couscous Global makes and broadcasts movies of young people in debate all over the world.  The project originated in the audience’s responses to Couscous and Cola, a documentary TV series about […]

  • Being Gay in Iran

    Couscous Global: Tell me — how is gay life in Iran? Depends on your situation.  As all the people know, it’s not easy here, but it depends on your situation, too.  Which kind of family you are, what’s your religion, yes, it depends on your situation. – – – – – – – – – […]