• Doug Henwood

    Sadly, there is no strike wave

    In a September 8 post to the Jacobin  website, Eric Dirnbach announced that “U.S. workers are striking again.”

  • Taking the Measure of Rot

    I gave this talk at a very good conference, New Deal/No Deal, at Berkeley’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, on October 29.  The panel chair was Michael Reich, who was the main organizer of the conference along with Richard Walker of the geography department.  The dual themes were reflecting on the New Deal […]

  • A Nation in Decline?

      “When there are no social movements bringing the masses of working people together in battle against the owning class and their allies, those whose lives have been turned upside down by economic crisis and those who find that their former privileges as white persons are threatened find easy scapegoats in ‘illegal aliens,’ in racial […]

  • Recessions: Better for Right Than Left

    For a long time, I’ve been critical of the left-wing penchant for economic crisis.  Many radicals have fantasized that a serious recession — or depression — would lead to mass radicalization, as scales simultaneously fell from millions of pairs of eyes and the imperative of transcending capitalism became self-evidently obvious.  I’ve long thought that was […]

  • In and Out of the Working Class

      Play now: Doug Henwood: What I think I like about your work is that you don’t romanticize the working class.  Your story of the town you grew up in, the community that is very stratified by ethnicity, race, and religion — this is not an innocent, dynamic working class that we would like to […]

  • Obama to Coddle Bankers

    Emily Dickinson once advised: “Tell all the Truth but tell it slant.”  Evidently the New York Times‘ headline writers are taking advice from the enigmatic poet.  The headline on the story on how the Obama administration will be going easy on banks and bankers getting bailout money blamed it all on the Treasury Secretary: “Geithner […]

  • The End of the UAW?Interview with Dan La Botz

    Play now: Doug Henwood: What’s the likelihood that GM, Ford, Chrysler — all running low on cash, they’re talking about having only a couple of months of money left to keep going — they could enter bankruptcy, wipe out a bunch of their debts, and break those contracts?  It could be the effective end of […]

  • New York Times Should Come Clean with Its Readers

    To the Public Editor: I think the Times owes a response to James Bamford’s reporting (“The Man Who Sold the War”) on Judith Miller in Rolling Stone (17 November 2005). Miller, encouraged by the Rendon PR firm (which had largely created Chalabi‘s Iraqi National Congress) boosted the claims of Adnan Ihsan Saeed al-Haideri about Iraq’s […]

  • Free Cindy Sheehan!

    I’ve heard from a couple of sources now that Fenton Communications, the “progressive” PR outfit that’s handling Cindy Sheehan‘s publicity, is keeping the press away from her, apparently because she’s given to making intemperately strong statements of the sort that embarrasses publicists. They’re only allowing organized press conferences, and not individual interviews. Free Cindy Sheehan! […]

  • Greetings

    Liza Featherstone Congratulations, Monthly Review, for embracing the opportunity to reach so many more readers through this webzine. Your truly internationalist perspective, and rigorous, independent socialist thinking, is so badly needed right now, and feels more relevant than ever. Eduardo Galeano Monthly Review in conquest of the air? Wasn´t it a private kingdom of weapons, […]