A Nation in Decline?


“When there are no social movements bringing the masses of working people together in battle against the owning class and their allies, those whose lives have been turned upside down by economic crisis and those who find that their former privileges as white persons are threatened find easy scapegoats in ‘illegal aliens,’ in racial minorities, in Muslims, in the poor. Or they are convinced that the government is engaging in some gigantic conspiracy to separate them from their money.” — Michael D. Yates

Listen to Doug Henwood’s interview with Michael D. Yates:

Note: The interview with Yates begins 33:10 minutes into the program.

Michael D. Yates is author of Cheap Motels and a Hotplate: An Economist’s Travelogue (Monthly Review Press, 2007), Naming the System: Inequality and Work in the Global Economy (Monthly Review Press, 2003), Why Unions Matter (Monthly Review Press, 1st Edition published in 1999, new edition published in May 2009), In and Out of the Working Class (Arbeiter Ring, 2009), and co-author (with Fred Magdoff) of The ABCs of the Economic Crisis: What Working People Need to Know among many other books and articles.  Doug Henwood, editor of Left Business Observer, is the author of Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom and After the New Economy.  This interview was broadcast by WBAI on 4 September 2010.  See, also, Michael D. Yates, “A Nation in Decline?  Part 1: A Passive/Aggressive People” (27 August 2010); “A Nation in Decline?  Part 2: Signs of Distress” (3 September 2010); “A Nation in Decline?  Part 3: An Unhealthy Nation” (13 September 2010); “A Nation in Decline?  Part 4: Mother Earth, What Have We Done to You?” (22 September 2010).

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