• Right Wins Big in Colombia

      Paul Jay: So, what happened in the Colombian elections on Sunday? . . . Before the runoff election, the last time you and I talked, which is I guess just over a month ago, the other candidate, Mockus, looked like [trending up] — in fact, I think the headline of our story was “Upset […]

  • Russia Draws Closer to Venezuela

      Zaa Nkweta, The Real News: Venezuela just announced that it plans to buy Russian tanks as well as Russian armed reconnaissance vehicles.  At the same time, the Russian naval fleet is on its way to Venezuela to conduct joint military exercises. What do you make of this? Forrest Hylton: On the one hand it’s […]

  • Bolivia Crisis Worsens as Emergency Summit Is Held

    Forrest Hylton: The US is being shut out as the South American regional body tries to solve crisis on its own. The ongoing conflict in Bolivia saw at least 30 people killed on the weekend, as the opposition clashed with government forces.  The opposition headed by wealthy landowners have vowed to make Bolivia ungovernable.  Martial […]