• Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the Uhuru movement via Facebook live July 29.

    Call for solidarity after FBI raids African People’s Socialist Party and Uhuru movement

    The specter of a Biden administration-authorized Department of Justice (DOJ) initiated McCarthy-era witch hunt was posed in bold relief last week as FBI agents took aim at a Black liberation organization that has been a sharp critic of the U.S./NATO-backed war in Ukraine and a defender of poor nations threatened with U.S. sanctions, coups, embargoes and blockades.

  • Lynne Stewart Update

    Dear Friends of Lynne Stewart, Immediately following an uplifting rally, Lynne Stewart was escorted by a determined crowd of supporters to jail and is now incarcerated in the Manhattan Correctional Center.  As fortune would have it, she will be there for at least 10 months, perhaps longer, that is, a good part the total term […]

  • Lynne Stewart in Jail!

    Lynne Stewart in Jail! Protest Lynne Stewart’s incarceration! San Francisco Federal Courthouse, 7th and Mission, SF Monday, November 23, 5:00 pm Dear Friends of Lynne Stewart, I just got off the phone with Lynne Stewart a few minutes ago, that is, late Wednesday (early Thursday, November 19, New York time).  She bravely told me that […]