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Profit raten: On Coronavirus and Crisis

Leftists are also arguing over a political-economic understanding of the conditions created by the virus. For example, in Konkret, Justin Monday criticized the current crisis rhetoric by indicating that the deployment of labour-power is not being fundamentally called into question, but only deferred.

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The Young Karl Marx

About the movie The young Karl Marx

This a very professional movie made by a leftist director (Raul Peck), starring a number of rather good actors. It covers the time between 1842, when Marx was the chief editor of the Rheinische Zeitung, and early 1848, when the “Communist Manifesto” was finished.

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Capitalism and the State

DIE LINKE (the Left Party) has initiated a debate on its draft party program, which it wishes to officially adopt in Autumn 2011.  Neues Deutschland is joining this debate with a series of articles.  In the Neues Deutschland article published on 9 August 2010, Michael Heinrich tackles the issue of the relationship between capital and […]

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Profit without End: Capitalism Is Just Getting Started

Debates concerning the “Socialism of the 21st Century” are experiencing an upswing at the moment.  However, this century will initially be rather one of capitalism than socialism.  Not because there is once more an economic recovery.  Prosperity and crisis alternate constantly in capitalism, but behind this up-and-down process are tendencies towards an extension and further […]

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