• Leo Panitch

    Remembering Leo Panitch

    I first met Leo personally in 1984. Articling with a progressive law firm in Toronto, I found that Leo was my contact for arranging the visit of Ralph Miliband as guest speaker at the annual Law Union conference. Miliband’s presentation was well received, and following the meeting Leo suggested the three of us should repair to the pub to which other conference participants had adjourned. – Richard Fidler

  • Claudio Katz

    Imperialism today: a critical assessment of Latin American dependency theory

    The main theorist of dependency anticipated trends of neoliberal globalization. He analyzed productive globalization, the centrality of exploitation and the relative weight of surplus value transfers. But the employment crisis exceeds what was envisaged by Marini, in a scenario disrupted by the mutation of the United States, the collapse of the USSR and the rise of China.

  • Québécois demonstration for independence

    Quebec independence a key to building the left in Canada

    The Canadian state is historically based on the theft and occupation of indigenous lands and the genocide of their peoples. The state that resulted is thoroughly integrated within global imperialism.

  • Marta Harnecker on New Paths Toward 21st Century Socialism

    Introduction by Richard Fidler Among the many panels and plenaries at the Conference of the Society for Socialist Studies, which met in Ottawa June 2-5, was a Book Launch for Marta Harnecker’s latest English-language book, A World to Build: New Paths toward Twenty-First Century Socialism (translated by Federico Fuentes), Monthly Review Press. The featured speaker […]

  • Quebec Election: A Seismic Shift Within the Independence Movement?

    The defeat of the Parti Québécois and the election of a federalist Liberal party government in the Quebec general election of April 7 raises important questions about the future of the Quebec movement for sovereignty and political independence.  And it poses some major challenges to the left party Québec Solidaire, as it seeks to position […]

  • Mobilizations, Victories in Overseas Colonies Set Example for French Workers

    Martinique General Strike Ends in Victory A 38-day general strike in the Caribbean colony of Martinique ended March 14 with the signing of a protocol between the government and the February 5 Collective, a coalition of unions and other social movements named after the day the strike began.  The agreement grants the coalition’s key demands.  […]

  • Political Crisis Exposes Canada’s National, Class Divisions

    OTTAWA — In a classic 19th century work, English journalist Walter Bagehot divided the Constitution into two parts.  The “efficient” part — the executive (cabinet) and legislative — was responsible for the business of government.  The “dignified” part, the Queen, was to put a human face on the capitalist state.  Bagehot noted, however, that the […]

  • Afghan Resistance Is ‘Terrorist’ under Canadian Law, Khawaja Trial Judge Rules

    In the first major prosecution under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, Mohammad Momin Khawaja, a 29-year-old Ottawa-area software developer arrested almost five years ago, was convicted October 29 on five charges of participating in a “terrorist group” and helping to build an explosive device “likely to cause serious bodily harm or death to persons or serious damage […]

  • A “Québécois Nation”? Harper Fuels an Important Debate

    The House of Commons voted on November 27 to support a Tory government motion that “the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada.”  What does it mean?  And why now? The second question is easier to answer.  The motion was triggered by an unexpected turn of events.  Michael Ignatieff, in his quest for the […]

  • Ontario’s “Sharia Law” Controversy: How Muslims Were Hung Out to Dry

    “A lie can travel halfway around the world,” the American writer Mark Twain once said, “while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  That statement could apply to the recent phony debate over “sharia tribunals” in Ontario. Odds are that if you consulted the average man or woman in the street on the matter, you […]

  • Ottawa, Canada, 18 March 2006

    1,000 Canadians braved the cold weather (-20 C with wind chill) to demonstrate at the U.S. Embassy, calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan (Canada has 2,000 troops in Afghanistan, currently heading up the NATO occupation force there [with U.S. air cover]). Richard Fidler with his friend Marvin Gandall Richard Fidler is […]

  • PQ’s Rightward Shift Opens Space for New Left Party in Quebec

    Ten years after the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty, with its razor-thin victory for the No side, and 25 years since the first referendum, mass media and academics alike have been immersed lately in speculation on the likely result of a third such vote, which could occur as early as 2007. This is not an […]