• Thailand: UDD’s Answer to Abhisit, 4th May

    Note: UDD = National United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship = Red Shirts. 1. UDD is happy to enter negotiations and the process of solving the crisis. 2. UDD wants to know the exact date of the dissolution of parliament since the election date is determined by the Election Commission, not the Prime Minister. 3. […]

  • Nepal: Scenes from the General Strike

    See, also, . | | Print

  • May Day Rallies for Immigrants

    Los Angeles New York City Washington, D.C. Chicago Houston Dallas Oakland Milwaukee Boston Tucson Phoenix, Etc. El 1° de mayo en EE.UU., jornada contra reforma de Arizona | | Print

  • First May Day in Post-LDP Japan: Workers Say, “Nothing Has Changed”

    Today, Zenroren held the first May Day rallies after the demise of the Liberal Democratic Party regime, 32,000 workers participating in the rally in Yoyogi Park.  “The newly established two-party system is already bankrupt,” said Senator Ichida Tadayoshi, Secretary General of the Communist Party, at the Yoyogi rally.  Over the last ten years, wages in […]

  • Turkey: May Day in Taksim Square, 33 Years after Bloody May Day

    Turkish workers celebrate May Day in Taksim Square today, 33 years after the bloody May Day of 1977,* when gunmen, believed to be linked to the intelligence services, fired on workers demonstrating in Taksim, killing 36 and wounding hundreds in the ensuing chaos.  Since then, workers were prohibited from holding May Day rallies in the […]

  • Teabaggers = Hawks and Likudniks

    By now it has been well established that the teabaggers are by and large rich white men who are implacably opposed to pro-working-class economic policy, real or imagined.  It turns out that they are not even libertarians à la Ron Paul, Reason Magazine, or the Cato Institute — they are just a bunch of hawks […]

  • After the Fall: Communiqués from Occupied California

    “In California, the kids write Occupy Everything on the walls.  Demand Nothing, they write. . . .  We are kept alive, vaccinated, some even plump, yes, but we feel our surplus status.  Excess.  Excessive.  This excessiveness animates our underlying dissatisfaction. . . .  That is the crisis, a lost faith in an inhabitable future, that […]

  • Iran Unveils Iranian “S-300” on Army Day

    During the military parade on Army Day in Iran, what looks very much like an Iranian variant of the Russian S-300 air defense system was on display. In 2007, Tehran announced that it signed a contract to buy S-300 from Russia, but Moscow, lobbied by Washington and Tel Aviv, has not delivered, citing “technical problems.”  […]

  • Open Letter to German Left Party (Die Linke)

    Dear Friends, This letter is being sent to you by citizens of the state of Israel who are active in various Left groups and on a variety of topics throughout Israel/Palestine, including human rights, ecology, peace, support for refugees, social justice, workers’ rights, feminism, and queer struggles.  We are struggling within our country and our […]

  • Egyptian Labor Protest to Raise Minimum Wage

    “Hundreds of workers have showed up in order to demonstrate, calling for raising the national minimum wage, which remains unchanged from 1984 and stands at 35 Egyptian pounds [$7 per month], which is bloody pathetic to be honest.  And workers today are calling for raising it to 1,200 Egyptian pounds, which is a very reasonable […]

  • Kyrgyzstan: End of the “Tulip Revolution”

    The “Cedar Revolution” of Lebanon and the “Orange Revolution” of Ukraine were democratically brought to an end.  A “Green Revolution” in Iran that Washington hoped for has turned out to be just a figment of its geopolitical fantasy.  And now there goes another color revolution. It is clear that the political revolution in Kyrgyzstan caught […]

  • Free Gaza Flotilla to Break the Blockade!

    April 3, 2010 Istanbul, Turkey — Following months of preparation, a coalition bringing together a number of organizations and movements working to break Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza was announced yesterday in Istanbul.  The coalition, composed of the Turkey-based IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi) organization, the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG), the […]

  • Teach-in on Political Prisoners

    Tuesday, April 6 at 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Riverside Church, Room 9T 490 Riverside Drive (between 120th Street and 122nd Street) entrance at Claremont Ave. & 121st Street The James Earl Chaney Foundation, the Social Justice Ministry of the Riverside Church, and the National Coalition for Prisoners of Political Conscience, invite you to […]

  • Turkey: Police Pepper-gas Tekel Workers

    See, also, “Police Violence Marks Tekel Workers’ Protest in Turkey” (Hürriyet Daily News, 1 April 2010); “26 Mayıs’ta AKP’ye genel grevi gösterelim” (Sendika.org, 1 April 2010); “Planned Tekel Protest Barred by Police” (Today’s Zaman, 2 April 2010); “More Pepper Gas for Turkey’s Tekel Workers on Second day” (Hürriyet Daily News, 2 April 2010); Tolga Korkut, […]

  • Faculty of the University of Regina Say No to “Project Hero” and Canadian Imperialism: An Open Letter to President Vianne Timmons

    March 23, 2010 Dear President Timmons: We write to you as concerned faculty members of the University of Regina, to urge you to withdraw our university immediately from participation in the “Project Hero” scholarship program.  This program, which waives tuition and course fees, and provides $1,000 per year to “dependents of Canadian Forces personnel deceased […]

  • Rep. Gohmert Circulates Draft Resolution Approving Israeli Military Attack on Iran

    A red alert from Americans for Peace Now and the National Iranian American Council:* On 3/18/10 Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) began circulating a draft resolution (and seeking original cosponsors on that resolution), “Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to […]

  • French Regional Elections 2010

    The Guide to the Regional Elections First Round                      Second Round Le Monde reports: “The Left obtained 59% of the votes in six metropolitan regions where it dueled with the Right, according to TNS-Sofres/Logica.  In 12 regions where there were triangle races joined by the National Front, the Socialist Party and its allies scored 49%, against […]

  • Honduras: The Human Rights Platform Demands an End to Violence against Peasants in Aguán

    The situation of violence in Aguán is a result of an unresolved structural problem in Honduras, an expression of the necessity for profound changes in this country so that the majority of its people may enjoy their human rights fully and effectively. Since the politico-economic-military coup d’état perpetrated on 28 June 2009 against the established […]

  • Manifesto of the Second National Summit for the Re-Foundation of Honduras

    Establishment of the First Popular and Democratic National Constituent Assembly Manifesto Gathered in the city of La Esperanza, under the auspice of the sign of hope, women and men of 17 departments of the country met, coming face to face with Honduras again, to look at each other, debate, and reinforce through dialogue our knowledge, […]

  • Honduras: Massive Mobilization of Feminists in Resistance

    Memory and Justice for WomenInternational Feminist Mobilization8-14 March 2010 CommuniquéTo women of Honduras and the worldTo human rights organizationsTo democratic and independent organizationsTo national and international mediaTo people in general We, Feminists in Resistance, members of the National Front of Popular Resistance of Honduras, issue a cordial and sincere invitation to all feminists, women, democratic […]