• President Xi Jinping Greets Secretary Tillerson (Photo: Wikimedia Commons 33139050550)

    Xi’s article on Marxist political economy in contemporary China to be published

    An article by President Xi Jinping on opening new horizons of the Marxist political economy in contemporary China will be published Sunday.

  • Syrian Opposition in Damascus: “No to International Intervention, No to Sectarianism, and No to Violence”

    The Syrian opposition urged protesters Sunday to go on with peaceful demonstrations, noting that continued protests are a “decisive factor” in pushing for reforms in the country. In a statement issued one day after a meeting of some 300 opposition figures, the opposition called on the government to immediately stop its “repression” on protesters and […]

  • Russia and China on Syria

      Moscow against UN Security Council Taking Up Syria — Source MOSCOW, May 11 (Interfax) — Moscow is against the Syria issue being put before the UN Security Council, a Russian Foreign Ministry source said on Wednesday. “Syria mustn’t be discussed in the Security Council, that is obvious,” the source told Interfax. China Calls on […]

  • Russia Defends Syria from Outside Interference

    United Nations, April 27 (Xinhua) — Russia said here on Wednesday that the current situation in Syria, despite an increase in tension and confrontation, does not threaten international peace and security, but “a real threat to regional security . . . could arise from outside interference in Syria’s domestic situation.” Alexander Pankin, Russia’s deputy permanent […]

  • UN Calls for End to US Embargo on Cuba

    The UN General Assembly on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to call for an end to the US embargo on Cuba. The vote was cast at the 192-member General Assembly with 187 in favor, three against and two abstentions. This is the 18th year that the General Assembly voted to urge an end to the US embargo. […]