• | An aerial view shows the storage tanks for treated water at the tsunami crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma town Fukushima prefecture Japan Feb 13 2021 in this photo taken by Kyodo PhotoAgencies | MR Online

    Japan needs to reconsider wastewater discharge plan

    It may be recalled that after Japan alarmingly announced in April 2021 its plan to start releasing around 1.3 million metric tons of contaminated wastewater from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea, countries in the rest of eastern Asia and the Pacific region protested. Environmental groups and even the Japanese people opposed it.

  • | Photo taken on Dec 8 2021 shows wind turbines at Changma wind farm in Yumen City Northwest Chinas Gansu province PhotoAgencies | MR Online

    Cuba eyes cooperation with China on clean energy

    Facing the challenges of an aging energy infrastructure, Cuba is looking to new energy sources with help from the Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen its power production capacity and move away from fossil fuels.

  • | President Xi Jinping Greets Secretary Tillerson Photo Wikimedia Commons 33139050550 | MR Online

    Xi’s article on Marxist political economy in contemporary China to be published

    An article by President Xi Jinping on opening new horizons of the Marxist political economy in contemporary China will be published Sunday.

  • | WHO China was right | MR Online

    Western media unlocked: Hypocrisy behind COVID-19 reports

    Why did apparently stigmatizing names like Chinese virus or Wuhan virus keep making headlines? How have the Western media shaped the narrative of China’s response to the novel coronavirus? As the virus continues to wreck havoc, China Daily investigates how the Western version of propaganda plays out in the global battle against coronavirus.