Western media unlocked: Hypocrisy behind COVID-19 reports

Originally published: China Daily on April 2, 2020 by Meng Zhe and Xu-Pan Yiru (more by China Daily)  | (Posted Apr 04, 2020)

Why did apparently stigmatizing names like Chinese virus or Wuhan virus keep making headlines? How have the Western media shaped the narrative of China’s response to the novel coronavirus? As the virus continues to wreck havoc, China Daily investigates how the Western version of propaganda plays out in the global battle against coronavirus.

Having spoken with WHO experts, experienced journalists, and expats in China, the documentary, Western Media Unlocked: Hypocrisy Behind COVID-19 Reports, paints a picture of hypocrisy of the Western media in reporting the COVID-19. While China was full on reining the spread of virus, the Western media found faults with the country’s efforts and played the blame game. They employed double standard in covering COVID-19 on different locations. In doing so, the countries wasted time that could have been used to prepare for the outbreak.

At a time when responsible journalism is required to inform the public, irresponsible stories by many of “renowned” international outlets have featured rumors, discrimination and even racism. Xenophobia in the media has become just as much an epidemic as the virus itself.

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