• What Does Increased Palestinian Political Repression Say about the Prospects for Peace?

    In the late 1980s, Robert Putnam‘s argument about multi-level games in international bargaining kicked off a rich debate over domestic constraints.  The thesis, in essence, is that interlocutors in bargaining may choose to lend extra power to political opponents to argue that domestic constraints tie their hands and prevent them from making concessions beyond a […]

  • Why Iran Won’t Attack Israel

    Palestinians are in Israel today because they managed to survive the depopulation of 1948, the year the Jewish state was founded (Arabs constitute about 20% of Israel’s population).  Ironically, while Benny Morris’ scholarship suggests that the mere existence of these Palestinians in Israel — and millions more in the occupied territories — irks him, Israel’s […]

  • Ethnic Cleansing by Any Other Name

    Background The West Bank has been occupied by Israel since 1967.  Israel maintains authoritative jurisdiction over the happenings in the West Bank via its military apparatus.  Decisions governing the simplest aspects of Palestinian life, from traveling from one area to another to building a home, ultimately lie under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Military’s High […]