• | US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos observing a moment of silence for the Parkland Florida shooting at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC in National Harbor Maryland Credit Gage Skidmore | MR Online

    Betsy DeVos is out — but her right-wing agenda lives on

    Supporters of public education and school teachers were relieved to see Betsy DeVos leave her job as head of the Department of Education, knowing full well the education policies she and former President Trump supported would go nowhere in a President Biden administration.

  • | America has quit the human rights business Photo Credit US Department of State Flickr | MR Online

    America has quit the human rights business

    One more illustration of the decline of U.S. influence on the world stage.

  • | Siege todas las noticias de última hora fotos y vídeos en tiempo real Scoopnestcom | MR Online

    Why Venezuela’s election matters—it was under siege by U.S., Canadian and EU influence

    Many Americans are angry about Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. Here’s what they don’t know about our country.

  • | Ed Herman Photo Credit YouTube Screengrab | MR Online

    What can Noam Chomsky’s co-author teach us in the age of Trump?

    The story goes that Einstein’s theory of relativity began with a simple question: What if a person could sit on a beam of light? A single inquiry led to an entire field of study, and perhaps the world’s most famous scientific breakthrough.

    The late Ed Herman’s questions were less playful. They were about war and death, lies and power politics, but they too created entire areas of study. If properly considered, they can even guide us through the perilous age in which we’re living.

  • | Why Should Schools Have Salad Bars | MR Online

    Another privatization fail: 5 things you don’t know about school lunches (but probably should)

    One thing is clear: school lunches have a long way to go, and there’s no simple solution in sight. As school districts struggle to balance costs with meeting federal nutritional standards and other requirements, students are left to weather the storm with lackluster food choices that may not be having the positive effect on their mental and physical health that educators and parents want—and are certainly not having the tastebud-pleasing effects students hope for.

  • | White Helmets workers posing with the bodies of dead Syrian soldiers | MR Online

    U.S.-funded White Helmets assist in public execution in rebel-held Syria for at least the second time

    In a new video Syria Civil Defense members—popularly know as the “White Helmets,” the Nobel Prize-nominated group that has received at least $23 million in funding from USAID (a wing of the State Department)—are shown assisting in a public execution in a rebel-held town in Syria. It is at least the second such execution video featuring members of the Nobel Prize-nominated group, which operates exclusively within the armed Syrian opposition and works closely with al-Qaeda’s local affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, and even ISIS.

  • | ISIS propaganda photo of execution | MR Online

    The erasure of Syrian voices in Western media

    “There were always two parallel streams in the Syrian uprising at the beginning. The civil activists who wanted democratic reform and change in the form of a secular state, and the conservative stream, which was markedly more Islamist and sectarian in its tone and demands.… the former was mostly urban, the latter rural.… As the uprising went on and the violence intensified, the civil movement became increasingly silenced and weak, while the Islamist movement became quickly more militant and radicalized”