• | Lets get out from under the carbon military boot print | MR Online

    Let’s get out from under the carbon military boot print

    The USA and its allies pose themselves as “Global Leaders”. They could and should be, as they are the countries with the greatest concentrations of wealth, power and technical know how, communications and education, but they are falling horribly short; because they see leadership as the same thing as dominance–and subordinate everything else to that.

  • | President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky | MR Online

    Ukraine dissident digest

    Donetsk city and region remains even now under intense fire by the artillery and mortars of the Kyiv regime, generously supplied by Western countries.

  • | Nobody Wants Us The Alienated Civilians of Eastern Ukraine | MR Online

    Class struggle inside Ukraine

    Two recent articles in Open Democracy report responses from Ukrainian trade unions to the “Lugano Declaration”, which came out of a conference between high Western and Ukrainian officials in Switzerland last week and sets out plans for economic reconstruction “after the war is over” by the Ukrainian Oligarchy* and its major imperial sponsors; the U.S., UK and EU.