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    The fatalistic view from an ER Nurse on what’s ahead

    Being an ER Nurse, a lot of people have asked me what I think about COVID-19. I almost inevitably tell them- first and foremost- that I really can’t overstate how much of a problem it is that we don’t have enough personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • | Tenant Farmer 1935 by Marie Atkinson Hull 1890 1980 at New Orleans wonderful Ogden Museum of Southern Art It is important in going forward to recognize that our political roots in part involve inadequate confrontation of agrarian injustice which still goes on today | MR Online

    Anti-capitalist meetup: A framework for a better and progressively socialist, U.S. farm bill

    Seriously folks, this is the third and final part in an introductory series on the need for a humane socialist U.S. agriculture policy. (Part 1: www.dailykos.com/…; Part 2: www.dailykos.com/….) For over a year I have been plodding along in my spare time researching, thinking, and writing U.S. agriculture-related pieces from what I will call a progressively socialistic perspective. Along the way I have developed the firm conviction that the lack of a comprehensive practical focus on agricultural issues is a major problem for the U.S. left, politically and programmatically.

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    On the oppression of women and violence against women

    It’s been one hell of a week and I have to be honest, I am really angry. Four times this week, I have been told that women are not oppressed under Capitalism in Advanced Capitalist Economies; this has come from the mouths of three men (one of whom is supposedly on the hard left) and one time by a young woman.