• | Workers have plenty to cheer this labor day Photo by Scott HeinsGetty Images | MR Online

    From victories to union militancy, 5 reasons for workers to celebrate this Labor Day

    Labor Day often gets short shrift as a worker’s holiday. Marked primarily by sales on patio furniture and mattresses, the day also has a more muddled history than May Day, which stands for internationalism and solidarity among the working class. Labor Day, by contrast, was declared a federal holiday in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland, fresh off his administration’s violent suppression of the Pullman railroad strike.

  • | Alexandria Ocasio Cortez pictured September 22 2018 in the Bronx borough of New York DON EMMERTAFPGetty Images | MR Online

    We have to make sure the “Green New Deal” doesn’t become green capitalism

    Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves in late November when she called for a Green New Deal (GND)—a plan to “transition” the U.S. economy to “become carbon neutral” over the course of 10 years.

  • | West Virginia teahers | MR Online

    The lesson from West Virginia teachers? If you want to win, go on strike

    For many years now, observers have been ringing the death knell for the U.S. labor movement. West Virginia teachers haven’t just pumped life back into that movement—they’ve reaffirmed the fundamental principle that the key to building power and winning is for workers to withhold their labor.

  • | Riots between anti Fascists and Blackshirts British Fascists | MR Online

    The left’s long history of militant resistance to fascism

    Welcome to Interviews for Resistance. We’re now several months into the Trump administration, and activists have scored some important victories in those months. Yet there is always more to be done, and for many people, the question of where to focus and how to help remains. In this series, we talk with organizers, agitators and educators about how to wage resistance and build a better world.