• | British ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow leaves after a meeting at the Russian foreign ministry in MoscowTuesday March 13 2018 Russia will only cooperate with Britain on the investigation into last weeks poisoning of an ex Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia if it receives samples of the nerve agent that is believed to have been used Russias foreign minister Lavrov said Tuesday AP PhotoAlexander Zemlianichenko | MR Online

    The Skripal poisoning: What lies behind UK-US ultimatums against Russia?

    To those who say it is obvious that Russia poisoned Skripal, it is worth recalling the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, in which a deadly strain of anthrax was mailed to many U.S. officials in Washington, killing 5 people and infecting 17 more, shortly after the September 11 attacks. There again, media immediately blamed the attacks on obvious targets of U.S.-UK war threats—the Iraqi regime’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program and its alleged ties to Al Qaeda. These all proved to be lies, serving Washington’s foreign policy interests as it sought to go to war in Iraq.

  • | Google | MR Online

    New Google algorithm restricts access to left-wing, progressive web sites

    The company said in a blog post that the central purpose of the change to its search algorithm was to give the search giant greater control in identifying content deemed objectionable by its guidelines. It declared that it had “improved our evaluation methods and made algorithmic updates” in order “to surface more authoritative content.”

  • | Protests in support of DACA | MR Online

    Trump administration to end legal protection for over one million immigrants in U.S.

    The worst case scenario is now coming to fruition for DACA participants. All of the personal information needed to carry out deportations of these children and their families is conveniently in the hands of the Department of Homeland Security. The thousands of children who lined up for the chance at the limited rights offered by the program gave their names, addresses, countries of origin, their personal histories and signed a document admitting to being in the country illegally.