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    Today’s Lenin

    The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, based in Berlin, recently issued a bulletin entitled, “Seven Reasons Not to Leave Lenin to Our Enemies.” This was intriguing because Rosa was one of Lenin’s sternest critics, and during the Cold War era, her works found print in the United States as vindication of current U.S. policies against the Soviet Union.

  • Michael Löwy Revolutions

    Michael Löwy: ‘Revolutions’

    ‘Revolutions’ is a major contribution to our understanding of the principal social movements which shape our modern world.

  • Ecosocialism versus degrowth: a false dilemma

    Ecosocialism versus degrowth: a false dilemma

    Ecosocialists and degrowthers need to map the many overlaps of their views to improve the effectiveness of their shared struggle for an ecologically-sound and socially-fair world free from patriarchal, racial and colonial legacy.

  • Capitalism, Romanticism, and Nature

    Capitalism, romanticism, and nature

    Robert Sayre and Michael Löwy’s Romantic Anti-capitalism and Nature is an extremely interesting book—enjoyable, informative, and intellectually stimulating.