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  • Prime Minister Modi and President Biden (File photo)

    India, U.S. have different priorities

    An extraordinary week has passed for the Modi government’s dalliance with the Quad. Call it a defining moment, a turning point or even an inflection point—it has elements of all three. 

  • From farm and forest: Long March to Mumbai

    The peasantry’s victory over imperialism

    One should scarcely be surprised therefore by the fact that the western media have been so critical of the Modi government for its climbdown.

  • 15% India is undernourished, as Rs 50,000 crore food goes waste

    Foodstocks, bio-fuels and hunger

    THE Modi government’s attempt to “explain” away India’s slipping from being 94th on the world hunger index in 2020 to 101st in 2021, a rank well below that of neighbours Pakistan, Nepal or Bangladesh, by questioning the “methodology” of the index, is jejune enough; but even more shocking is its total inability to see the reason behind the acute hunger in the country.

  • Jallianwala Bagh Memorial

    Everything for sale

    EVERYWHERE in the world people got vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus without having to pay a penny, but not in India. Everywhere in the world, historic landmarks that define a nation, that constitute the warp and woof of a nation’s consciousness, are held sacred and left untouched in their original shape, but not in India.

  • A farmer from Punjab protests during a tractor march on Republic Day on GT Karnal Bypass Road in Delhi, 26 January 2021. Vikas Thakur / Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

    Dossier no. 41: The farmers’ revolt in India

    India’s big capital, in close cahoots with the political class, took advantage of privatisation policies to seize public resources (including profitable public sector assets), acquire vast tracts of land by displacing village and forest communities, control the nation’s mineral resources, and undermine public sector banks through a cascading set of fraud and non-payment schemes.

  • Narendra Modi at the BJP Public Meeting Public Meeting in Pune on 14th July 2013 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Narendra Modi)

    Two agonizing years of devastation

    Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, first recorded in India end January 2020, this Modi government’s preoccupation had never been on combating the pandemic in right earnest and saving people’s lives but on continuing to relentlessly pursue the unfolding of the RSS project.

  • My Wish Is That You Win This Fight for Truth: The Third Newsletter (2021) - Diego Rivera (Mexico), The Uprising, 1931.

    My wish is that you win this fight for truth

    On 26 January, India’s Republic Day, thousands of farmers and agricultural workers will drive their tractors and walk into the heart of the capital, New Delhi, to bring their fight to the doors of the government.

  • A 'Nihang' holds the Tricolor during farmers' tractor rally as part of their ongoing protest against the new farm laws, at Dankaur in Gautam Buddha Nagar District, Thursday, Jan. 07, 2021. PTI

    The patriots

    Protesting farmers are reclaiming the idea of the nation.