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  • The ruling class in Australia

    The ruling class in Australia

    Who rules Australia? The politicians, the ultra-wealthy class of capitalists or the high-powered bureaucrats who run the state—the military generals, court justices, heads of government departments and so on? The answer is all three. Together, they make up the Australian ruling class.

  • Who’s middle class?

    Who’s middle class?

    Of all classes, the middle class is the one with the most people clamouring to be part of it. Many members of the ruling class prefer the label “middle” to one that makes capitalist dominance so overt. Many workers think that having a middle-income job by default puts them in the middle class. And people who want to downplay the working class’s revolutionary potential prefer to say,

  • Jeff Bezos, recently retired CEO of Amazon, whose warehouses were notoriously unhygienic

    What coronavirus taught us about the ruling class

    If half a million people in the United States were murdered by an evil cult, the leaders of which said that they would keep killing thousands a day to satisfy their rapacious urge for power and money, what do you think the response would be?

  • It Wasn’t 2020, It Was The Ruling Class Trying to Kill You

    It wasn’t 2020, it was the ruling class trying to kill you

    Reflections on COVID-19, capitalism, empire, and the worst year ever from the Hood Communist editorial staff.