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  • Muhammad

    Oiseau terrorisé par l’enfer tombant du ciel, Muhammad se niche dans l’étreinte de son père : Protège-moi De l’envol, père, mon aile est encore Petite pour le vent . . . et la lumière est noire Muhammad Voudrait rentrer à la maison, Sans vélo . . . ou chemise neuve. Il voudrait retrouver le banc […]

  • The National Conference for Media Reform

    The National Conference for Media Reform Memphis, Tennessee January 12-14, 2007 Media reform is coming to Memphis! Mark your calendar and make your reservations — registration for the 2007 National Conference for Media Reform is now open.  This one-of-a-kind event will take place on January 12-14, 2007, in the home of the blues and birthplace […]

  • Oppose H.R. 6198, the “Iran Freedom Support Act”

    On Friday the Senate is expected to vote on legislation passed Thursday by the House that would tighten U.S. sanctions on Iran and on our allies who trade with Iran.  This legislation would undermine the negotiations with Iran that are currently taking place in Europe.  Press reports have indicated that the talks in Europe could […]

  • Ousmane Sembène: The Cineaste Who Has Not Finished His Mandate: At 84, the Senegalese Director Continues to Shoot Films [ Ousmane Sembène : Le cinéaste qui n’a pas encore fini son mandat A 84 ans, le réalisateur sénégalais continue de tourner des films]

    « Qu’est-ce que cela peut faire que je lutte pour la mauvaise cause, puisque je suis de bonne foi ?  Et qu’est-ce que ça peut faire que je sois de mauvaise foi, puisque je lutte pour la bonne cause. » — Jacques Prévert A 84 ans, il reste un éternel jeune homme.  Ce Casamançais de […]

  • Lebanon: Reflexions and Lessons [Liban: Réflexions et Leçons]

      Face à l’évènement, certains veulent faire supporter à la Résistance tout le poids de cette guerre.  C’est endosser l’erreur.  La grande majorité des analystes politiques internationaux savent que cette guerre était prévue à courte échéance, avec ou sans prétexte ; Israël ne manque pas d’en créer au besoin.  Souvenons-nous de l’invasion de 1982 : […]

  • The Privatization of God

    Custom-made for the Consumer In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal, a genius of mathematics, wrote that men never do evil with greater pleasure than when they do it with religious conviction.  This idea — from a deeply religious man — has taken a variety of different forms since.  During the last century, the greatest crimes […]

  • Venezuela and South Africa: Redistributive Policies vs. Neo-liberal Economic Policies

    Traveling to both Venezuela and South Africa this past summer, through my work as an academic sociologist, I was able to observe firsthand two radically different approaches to “third world” development: a “redistributive approach” in Venezuela, and a set of basically neo-liberal economic policies in South Africa.  Although this was not a consciously designed research […]

  • It’s Not Race or Class — It’s Race and Class: An Interview with Roderick Bush

    WE ARE NOT WHAT WE SEEM: Black Nationalism and Class Struggle in the American Century by Roderick D. BushBUY THIS BOOK Roderick Bush is an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department at St. John’s University in New York.  He is the author of We Are Not What We Seem: Black Nationalism and Class Struggle in […]

  • Myths as Collective Metaphors [Mitos como metáforas colectivas]

    Y el mito y la leyenda son en el fondo metáforas colectivas, o sea, maneras de expresión que la historia encuentra para revelarse a pesar del silencio obligatorio, y a pesar de la obligatoria mentira. El mito, por citarte un ejemplo, el mito de Túpac Amaru . . . verdad . . . es de […]

  • Iran: Calls for Dialogue with the United States

      “We believe the production or use of nuclear weapons is immoral.” — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hours after he spoke to the United Nations, the Iranian president made this clear, unequivocal statement to a group of us during a private meeting in New York.  The Mennonite Central Committee organized an extraordinary, private session for […]

  • Weathering Weather Questions, or the Movement Moves Ahead

    The 1969 SDS convention in Chicago gave me a crushing headache, and I can’t have been the only one.  Like most (but by no means all) the SDSers that I knew, I left the convention hall with the anti-PLers, sure that nothing could be quite worse than being dragged back, not just into 1930s rhetoric […]

  • U.S. Religious Leaders Meet President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

      Nearly 45 religious leaders from Christian and Muslim faith backgrounds met with the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sept. 20, in an open discussion about the role religious communities can play in reversing the deepening crisis between Iran and the United States. This was the first face-to-face meeting between the Iranian leader and leaders from […]

  • The Minimum Wage, Labor, and Politics

    The minimum wage tragedy goes beyond the 15 million US workers now earning $5.15 per hour or $206 per forty-hour week before tax and other deductions.  It goes beyond the facts that $5.15 was already low when Congress set it in September, 1997, and that Congress has since kept it frozen at $ 5.15.  Meanwhile, […]

  • Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward?

    Over the last 25 years the reputation of Mao Zedong has been seriously undermined by ever more extreme estimates of the numbers of deaths he was supposedly responsible for. In his lifetime, Mao Zedong was hugely respected for the way that his socialist policies improved the welfare of the Chinese people, slashing the level of poverty and hunger in China and providing free health care and education. Mao’s theories also gave great inspiration to those fighting imperialism around the world. It is probably this factor that explains a great deal of the hostility towards him from the Right. This is a tendency that is likely to grow more acute with the apparent growth in strength of Maoist movements in India and Nepal in recent years, as well as the continuing influence of Maoist movements in other parts of the world

  • What Maoism Has Contributed

    The Second International’s Marxism, proletarian-and-European-centered, shared with the dominant ideology of that period a linear view of history—a view according to which all societies had first to pass through a stage of capitalist development (a stage whose seeds were being planted by colonialism which, by that very fact, was “historically positive”) before being able to aspire to socialism. The idea that the “development” of some (the dominating centers) and the “underdevelopment” of others (the dominated peripheries) were as inseparable as the two faces of a single coin, both being immanent outcomes of capitalism’s worldwide expansion, was completely alien to it

  • Land Grab and “Development” Fraud in India

      Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review.   Its September 2006 issue features the following editorial. — ED. The land question, the fundamental failure of independent India, has again become one of the most debatable and controversial topics of the day.  Although the mass media and […]

  • Barbie at the Barricades

    I was branded and factory-stamped into this world in 1959, a miniature Golem for American girlhood.  I was a plastic anorexic girl-on-the-go, long legs, diamond-pointy breasts, and blonde, blonde, blonde — designed to protect you kiddies from Communism.  Go to my website.  I’ve been a model, an astronaut, a doctor, lawyer, politician, nurse, princess, rock […]

  • Address before the 61st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, New York, 19 September 2006

      Madam President, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Distinguished Heads of Delegation, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen I praise the merciful, all-knowing and almighty God for blessing me with another opportunity to address this Assembly on behalf of the great nation of Iran and to bring a number of issues to the attention of the […]

  • Andrés Soliz Rada Resigns from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy [Andrés Soliz Rada Renuncia al Ministerio de Hidrocarburos y Energía]

    El siguiente es el texto de la renuncia que el Dr. Andrés Soliz Rada presentó al Sr. Presidente Evo Morales Ayma La Paz, 15 de septiembre de 2006 Señor: Don Evo Morales Ayma Presidente Constitucional de la República Presente. Ref.: Renuncia irrevocable Excelentísimo señor Presidente: El 17 de mayo pasado hice saber a su persona […]

  • Soliz Rada Says That Oil Companies Impose Conditions [Soliz Rada dice que las petroleras ponen condiciones]

    SUBVENCIÓN • Las empresas quieren que los precios de los combustibles sean desregulados. • LA DESPEDIDA EN EL MINISTERIO • Carlos Villegas (izq.) estrecha la mano de Andrés Soliz, quien renunció a su cargo por discrepancias con algunas autoridades del Poder Ejecutivo. Las empresas petroleras que negocian con el Gobierno los nuevos contratos de operación […]