Que(e)rying Islamophobia: Race, Sexuality and Imperialism

Thursday, October 19

Que(e)rying Islamophobia: Race, Sexuality and Imperialism

Reza, Abbasi, Two Lovers
Reza Abbasi, “Two Lovers” (ca. 1630)

Discourses of race, gender and sexuality have always served an important ideological function within imperialist projects, and the current phase of American imperialism, characterized by the War on Terror, is no exception.  Given the contemporary geo-political context, this imperialist project requires the deployment of increasingly explicit forms of Islamophobia.  “Queer rights” have become the latest front in this purported battle between Civilization (liberal modernity as embodied by “the West”) and Barbarism (Islam).  This panel will bring together scholars and activists to discuss these and other issues pertaining to the nexus — historical as well as contemporary — between Islam, sexuality, and imperialism.

Panelists include: Saadia Toor, College of State Island, CUNY; Sahar Shafqat, St . Mary’s College of Maryland; Ayaz Ahmed, author of “Queer and Muslim in Post-9/11 New York,” and other speakers TBA.

DATE: Thursday, October 19, 2006
TIME: 6-9 PM
LOCATION: CUNY Graduate Center, Room 9206/7
MAPS & DIRECTIONS: <www.gc.cuny.edu/about_gc/directions.htm>

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