Help Direct the Rudderless Labor Media

In the 1980s, the right wing began its media blitz and has kept it up since then, but the labor movement has failed to match it or even develop a minimal communications network to reach union and non-union workers with information crucial to their wellbeing.  The movement has no national newspaper or magazine and no national TV or radio station.

The labor union media, limited and undemocratic, have not listened to union members, nor have they engaged them in a dialogue about their lives and their future.  It is no wonder that the labor movement is fractured and rudderless; it has lost its source of power, the militancy of the membership.

The labor movement and its media have also failed to reach beyond the 13 million organized workers in this country to the hundreds of millions of unorganized workers here and abroad and include them in the struggle.

Now, the growing grassroots worker-center movement makes clearer than ever why workers need an international workers’ communications network — a network that can quickly get messages out and feed messages in — so workers of all languages and countries can speak to one another and plan and organize together.

The Labor’s Voices 3 conference in New York City from April 26-28 at the City University of New York Graduate Center on 34th Street and Fifth Avenue is an attempt to help create this democratic communications network.

This is the third Labor’s Voices Conference since 2000.  If you are interested in becoming involved, check out our website at and come help us build our movement from the grassroots up.

Labor's Voices

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