Continuing Gaza Protests, as Seen on Al Jazeera

and unseen on American TV. . . .

Demos Call for Closure of US Embassy — Police and Protesters Clash,
Awkar (North of Beirut), Lebanon, 19.01.09

Demos in Solidarity with Gaza in Cities of Australia — Sydney Demo, the Largest, Draws 20,000, 19.01.09
Tens of Thousands Protests in Solidarity with People of Gaza, Karachi, Pakistan, 19.01.09
Haniyeh: Israel Failed to Achieve Any of Its Objectives, 19.01.09
Solidarity Demos for Gaza — VP Yusuf Kalla: Indonesia Ready to Host Muslim Summit for Gaza, Jakarta and Other Cities, Indonesia, 18.01.09

20,000 Demonstrate against Israeli War on Gaza — Lawyers to Take Israel to ICC — Protesters Call on Arab Officials to Support Arab Resistance, Paris, France,18.01.09

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate in Solidarity with Palestinians and Condemn German Government Support for Israel, Germany, 18.01.09

Thousands Protest in Solidarity with People of Gaza, London and Other Cities, UK, 18.01.09
Angry Demos (10,000 in Larache) Blame Arab Regimes, Morocco, 18.01.09
Angry Demos Condemn Israeli Aggression and Call on Arab States to Sever Ties with Israel, Libya, 18.01.09
Thousands of Worshippers Condemn Israeli Offensive, Khartoum, Sudan, 17.01.09
Demos to Protest Gaza War across Jordan — Police Disperse and Arrest Many Protesters Who Tried to Head for Israeli Embassy, Amman, Jordan, 17.01.09

Thousands of Arabs Denounce IDF Operations in Gaza, Arara, Negev, Israel, 17.01.09
Thousands of Demonstrators Call for Effective Arab Action against Israel as Arab Foreign Ministers Meet, Kuwait, 17.01.09

Call for Suspension of Arab Peace Initiative, Humanitarian Aid for Gaza, and National Reconciliation of Palestinians at Doha Summit — Qatar’s and Mauritania’s Decisions to Freeze Relations with Israel Welcomed, 17.01.09

Clashes between Palestinian Protesters and Israeli Occupation Forces, Jerusalem, Hebron, Na’alin, and Bil’in, West Bank, 17.01.09

Protests of Tens of Thousands All over Yemen, 17.01.09
Norwegian Medical Team Discuss What They Witnessed in Gaza, Oslo, 14.01.09
Students March to Demand Protection of Educational Institutions in Gaza, Qatar, 14.01.09
Some Jewish Intellectuals Call Israel “Rogue State” — Split in Jewish Community, UK, 12.01.09
Sudan Continues to Protest War on Gaza — College Students Organize Blood Donation Campaign for Wounded Palestinians in Gaza, Khartoum, Sudan, 12.01.09

New Forms of Protests and Their Symbolic Significance — Innovative Actions Raise Awareness Worldwide, 12.01.09
Ten Thousand Moroccan Children March in Solidarity with Children of Gaza, Rabat, Morocco, 12.01.09
More than 100,000 Condemn Israeli War on Gaza under Banner of “Silence Kills,” Brussels, 12.01.09

Thousands Demonstrate against Israeli Attacks on Gaza, São Paulo, Brazil, 12.01.09

More than 250,000 Rally against War and Call for Cutting Ties with Israel — Reps from Ruling Socialist Party Participate, Alarming Israeli Embassy, Madrid, 12.01.09

See, also, “Gaza Protests, as Seen on Al Jazeera,” MRZine, 11 January 2008.

The dates given above are broadcast dates.