Gaza Protests, as Seen on Al Jazeera

. . . and unseen on American TV

More Than 100,000 Protest in Paris, France, 11.01.09
USA, 11.01.09
Algeria, 11.01.09
Kenitra, Morocco, 11.01.09
Los Angeles, USA, 11.01.09
Journalists Protest the Israeli Army’s Targeting of Journalists, 10.01.09
Chicago and D.C., USA, 10.01.09
Tokyo, Japan, 10.01.09
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10.01.09
Rabat, Morocco, 10.01.09
Manama, Bahrain, 10.01.09
Algiers, Algeria, 10.01.09
Turkey, 09.01.09
Khartoum, Sudan, 09.10.09
Clashes between Police and Protesters in El Arish, Egypt, 09.01.09
Police Forcibly Disperse Protesters in Amman, Jordan, 09.10.09
Palestinian Youth Clash with Israeli Forces, West Bank, Palestine, 09.10.09
Students Demand Boycott of Israeli Goods, Muscat, Oman, 09.01.09
Kuwait, 09.01.09
Istanbul, Turkey, 08.01.09
Nouakchott, Mauritania, 08.01.09
From Afghanistan to Bangladesh, Syria to the Philippines to the USA, 08.01.09
Nasrallah Calls for Cutting Arab States’ Ties with Israel, in Commemoration of Ashura, 08.01.09
Protesters Call for Arab Leaders to Follow the Example of the Venezuelan President, Sana’a and Aden, Yemen, 07.01.09
Damascus, Syria, 07.01.09
Venezuela Expels Israeli Ambassador in Solidarity with Gaza, 07.01.09
Women Call on Arab Leaders, Who Are Unable to Defend Gaza, to Step Down, Khartoum, Sudan, 06.01.09
Hundreds of Thousands Demonstrate against Israel, Istanbul, Turkey, 05.01.09
Madrid, Spain, 05.01.09
Demonstration in El Arish, Security Forces Prevent Demonstrators from Reaching the Rafah Crossing, Egypt, 03.01.09
Brussels, Belgium, 01.01.09
Israel Attacks the Dignity, the Free Gaza Movement Ship, 30.12.08
Paris, France, 30.12.08
Oslo, Norway, 30.12.08
Berlin, Germany, 30.12.08
Protesters Call for Ending Normalization with Israel, Egypt, 30.12.08
Jerusalem and the West Bank, 30.12.08
Demonstrations in Baghdad, Samarra, Mosul, and Fallujah, Iraq — A Suicide Bomber Attacks the Mosul Rally, 28.12.08
Lebanon, 29.12.08
Madrid, Spain, 29.12.08
Morocco, 29.12.08
Palestinians Try to Storm the Rafah Border — A Palestinian Youth and an Egyptian Border Guard Killed during the Border Clashes, 29.01.08
Nasrallah Criticizes the Egyptian Regime’s Complicity in the Siege of Gaza and Calls for Pressures on It to Stop the Attack on Gaza — Clashes between Police and Demonstrators Trying to Storm the Egyptian Embassy, Beirut, Lebanon, 29.12.08
More Than 150,000 Egyptians Demonstrate, Calling for the Expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador, the Prevention of Gas Export to Israel, and the Permanent Opening of the Rafah Crossing, Egypt, 29.12.2008


See, also, “Continuing Gaza Protests, as Seen on Al Jazeera,” MRZine, 19 January 2009.

The dates given above are broadcast dates.