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  • Antiwar Activism in Israel, Unseen on TV

    Absent from Israeli and most other TV networks are the ongoing activism and protest inside Israel against Israel’s siege and, now, war on Gaza.  Immediately below is a video report on two of many such actions.  In Hebrew and Arabic, they nevertheless offer glimpses of current activism in Israel.  The first segment documents a demonstration […]

  • Reclaiming the Land: Land Reform and Agricultural Development in Zimbabwe: An Interview with Sam Moyo

    Amid the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, the agricultural sector continues to struggle.  Although the plunge in agricultural output over the last few years has often been commented on in the Western media, little or no attention is paid to the complex factors contributing to that decline.  Instead, matters are reduced to a simple generalization.  It […]

  • Two Big Protests in Israel against the Massacre in Gaza

    Tomorrow (Saturday, January 3, 2009), two big protests will be held in Israel The killing in Gaza continues.  Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, thousands injured, air strikes have caused utter devastation, and entire families are left homeless.  Civilians in the south of Israel are being held captive by a government which lies to them […]

  • Demos at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

      The reactions of outrage against the massacre of Gaza are timidly making way in the world.  Even here in Israel, some warn against the government’s propaganda and call on people to come out into the square.  In my own small way, I myself witnessed a small demonstration, which I came across yesterday as I […]

  • Labor for Palestine: Stop Israel’s Massacre in Gaza and End the Siege Now!

    December 31, 2008 New York City Labor Against the War joins millions around the world in condemning Israel’s ongoing murder and maiming of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza. WHO ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS? Israel claims that it is fighting “terrorism” — the same hollow excuse with which the U.S. tries to justify wars in Afghanistan […]

  • Who’s Sitting on the Fence around Gaza?

    Carlos Latuff, born in Rio de Janeiro on 30 November 1968, is a political cartoonist.  This cartoon arrived at MRZine via Salim Vally.

  • The Real Goal of the Slaughter in Gaza

    Hamas cannot be defeated, so it must be brought to heel. Ever since Hamas triumphed in the Palestinian elections nearly three years ago, the story in Israel has been that a full-scale ground invasion of the Gaza Strip was imminent.  But even when public pressure mounted for a decisive blow against Hamas, the government backed […]

  • Still the Sirens

    Introduction The sirens of oppression I referred to in my first collection (1963) were still present in South Africa in 1989, as they seem to be as well in Gaza in 2009 thanks to Israel’s bombing spree.                                     […]