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  • Egyptian Complicity Exposes Deep Fear of Iran

    The Egyptian leadership has taken a hiding from the Arab street for its inaction over Israel’s assault on the Palestinians.  Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran have removed all gloves by publicly accusing Egypt’s leadership of complicity in Israel’s war on Gaza. Arabs are aware, albeit repressed, that Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia (the Arab trio) […]

  • Israeli Communists Thank Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

    Israeli Communists Sent a Message to Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela The Israeli Communists sent a message to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, today (Thursday, 8 January 2009).  In the name of the members of Israel’s Communist Party, they thanked Chávez for his courageous […]

  • Ex-Communicated: Enclosure Landscapes in Palestine

      “When I began hill walking in Palestine a quarter of a century ago I was not aware that I was traveling in a vanishing landscape.” — Raja Shehadeh, Author, Palestinian Walks (2008) For centuries, the landscape in historic Palestine was dominated by agriculture, in an organic relationship between agrarian villages such as Husan and […]

  • Israel’s Aim: To Regain Control of the Rafah Border

    There are two persistent myths about the aim of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza: the first that it is an entirely defensive move, a way to end the rocket fire of Hamas; and the second that it is designed to restore the army’s credibility after its failure to cow Hizbollah in 2006. No doubt the Israeli […]

  • Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto

    Toronto, Wednesday, January 7, 2009, 10:25 am A diverse group of Jewish Canadian women are currently occupying the Israeli consulate at 180 Bloor Street West in Toronto.  This action is in protest against the ongoing Israeli assault on the people of Gaza. The group is carrying out this occupation in solidarity with the 1.5 million […]

  • An Open Letter from Anti-Zionist Jewish Youth in Canada

    If you would like to sign on to this letter, send an email with your name and city January 5th, 2009 Like much of the world, we have spent the last week watching in shock and disgust as Israel continues its assault on the Gaza Strip.  With the body count rising and a new […]

  • Let Gaza Live! Stop the U.S./Israeli War Against the Palestinian People

    National March on WashingtonSaturday, January 10 Assemble at the White House (north side) at 1:00 PM Sponsoring organizations and endorsers: ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, Free Palestine Alliance, American Muslim Task Force, National Council of Arab Americans, Al-Awda – International Palestine Right to Return Coalition, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), American Muslims […]

  • Who Rules SEIU?

    “SEIU has evolved into a dictatorship in which Andy Stern and others have consolidated power and decision-making authority and resources among a few.” — Sal Rosselli, president of SEIU’s United Healthcare Workers-West, San Francisco Chronicle, January 3, 2009 On Thursday, January 8, a group of 70 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) officials will join a […]

  • Two Kinds of Seats at Obama’s Table

    There are two kinds of seats at President-elect Obama’s table: one for the rich, another for the common people. First, the rich.  As of Jan. 6, 2009, Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee had solicited and received more than $27 million, not even counting contributions of less than $200.  Nearly $18 million comes from fewer than 400 […]

  • To Exist Is to Resist

    In my mind I’ve freed Palestine Envisioned a dream That just needs to be seen Olive trees and fields of figs Orange groves That lead to our roads No blocks filled with cops No ten-year-olds shot Freedom Is what I got I understand my grandmother’s plan To live on her bought and paid-for land And […]

  • War of the Tunnels: Economic Aspects of the Israeli Attack on Gaza

    Irrational War? As the massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip continues into its second week, onlookers may wonder about Israel’s short memory, i.e., how little Israeli leaders have learned from the 2006 war against the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Bewildered witnesses speculate as to what reason there could be for the massive destruction and widespread death […]

  • Unconditional Luv 4 Sale

    The queers come; they go.  All kinds.  Tall, dark, fat, thin, manic, depressive, we get ’em.  Gay men in shaky relationships.  Bisexuals solidly celibate.  Lesbians with incest memories.  Lesbians sick of listening to incest memories.  Trannies sick of hearing from gay people, “I don’t understand. . . .”  They all been cutting slack, stepping back, […]

  • Eagle Feather

      I see you being dropped off.  I stop the movement of my scope and then I center the crosshairs on you . . . and on you waving the driver goodbye.  He drives away . . . leaving you behind at the place where three roads meet, behind the date grove on the other […]

  • Israel: Over 150,000 Protest Gaza Military Operation

    Over 150,000 people demonstrated yesterday (Saturday, January 3, 2009) in Israel against Operation Cast Lead in the northern Arab town of Sakhnin and in Tel Aviv.  The demonstration in Sakhnin was by far the biggest such protest in Israel.  According to organizers, it was the largest protest held by the Palestinians in Israel in many […]

  • 100,000-150,000 Palestinians in Sakhnin, Israel Protest Israel’s Gaza Offensive

    Palestinian citizens of Israel held a massive protest today in Sakhnin, an Arab city in the North District of Israel, against Israel’s war on the Palestinian people in Gaza.  Estimates range from 100,000 to 150,000 protesters.  Meanwhile, Israel began its ground invasion of Gaza.  Can the invasion provoke mass uprisings in Gaza, the West Bank, […]

  • Nací en Palestina / Born in Palestine

    I have no place I have no country I have no homeland With my finger I make fire and with my heart I sing for you my heartstrings weep I was born in Palestine I was born in Palestine I have no place I have no country I have no homeland Amel Mathlouthi, born in […]

  • Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein: The First Goal of Israel Is to Restore the Fear of Israel in the Arab World

    The whole world — including Hamas and Iran — support a two-state solution, but Israel rejects it. Press TV: In a week of violence in the Gaza Strip we’re witnessing, what do you make of the situation? Norman G. Finkelstein: It’s hard to make any definite judgments about the military situation.  The goals of the […]

  • Interview with Mariela Castro on the Future of Sex and Socialism in Cuba

      Mariela Castro is Director of the National Center for Sex Education in Cuba. Anastasia Haydulina: One day your uncle Fidel Castro . . . is going to die.  Do you think his death will change the status quo of your Cuba? Mariela Castro: First of all, the death of Fidel will bring great suffering […]

  • Richmond Protest Condemns Israeli Attacks on Gaza

    RICHMOND, VA , Jan. 2 — More than 60 people turned out today in Virginia’s capital city to protest the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip.  The spirited protest, held during rush hour in front of Richmond City Hall, was initiated by longtime Richmond African-American activist Umar Kenyatta and sponsored […]

  • Mass Chicago Rally for Gaza

    On January 2, 2009, some 4,000 supporters of the people of Gaza rallied at Tribune Plaza on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and then marched across the Michigan Ave. Bridge to hold a protest in front of the Israeli Consulate on E. Wacker Drive.  They could not fit everyone into the cleared street on the block in […]