I Did What My Heart Told Me to Do


This is not the first time that I stand trial for my beliefs.  But it is the first time that they will probably be able to stop me.

I always knew that many people silently supported me, and that if I ever got into trouble they would stand behind me.  This moment has come.

Free EzraI have been harassed and targeted throughout the years, because I embody three elements which provoke bigotry in the Israeli society: I am a homosexual, I am a Mizrahi Jew, and I devote all my time to fighting for the human rights of Arab Palestinians.

I am a simple person.  I did what my heart told me to do.  Looking back, I know that what my friends and I have done is changing the harsh reality of the occupation in the whole area of south Hebron.  I feel that now the Israeli authorities are punishing me on a personal level.

I would like to believe that my personal adversity will inspire and motivate individuals to actively oppose the occupation.

Thank you.

Ezra Nawi

Ezra Nawi

This note was circulated by FreeEzra.org, a campaign of Jewish Voice for Peace.