American Citizens Detained at U.S. Embassy by Egyptian Security Forces

Egyptian security forces have detained approximately 25 American citizens inside and 7 or 8 American citizens outside the US embassy compound in Cairo, Egypt.

Gathered in Cairo as part of the Gaza Freedom March, a coalition of over 1400 internationals from over 40 countries, the US marchers went to the American embassy to beseech their help to facilitate the negotiations with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in gaining entrance to Gaza with their humanitarian aid.

Almost immediately, security forces converged on their position.  After calling the American Embassy 5 or 6 times, Gael Murphy, one of the organizers of the Gaza Freedom March, was asked by embassy staff to where the citizens were willing to be moved.  Murphy says that this “suggests the American embassy is responsible” for calling Egyptian Security Forces to the compound to protect it from peaceful American citizens.

Max Ajl blogs on climate change and Israel-Palestine at  He is one of the core organizers of the Gaza Freedom March.  

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