The Lesson of the Tunisian Revolution

“Saad Hariri went to the United States and had meetings there.  Right after that, the Saudis contacted the Syrians to tell them that they could no longer continue this initiative [of Syria and Saudi Arabia to broker a deal between Hezbollah and Hariri on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon]. . . .  The Americans and the Israelis never accepted this Arab initiative, but they let it go on, mistakenly thinking it wouldn’t result in an accord.  But when they saw that it had, they intervened and made sure to scuttle it.  That’s the only explanation. . . .  I’d like to take this occasion to congratulate the Tunisian people for their historic revolution as well as praise their bravery.  But we must draw a lesson from that revolution.  The lesson, above all, is this: the Ben Ali regime and its entourage have always served the interests of France, the United States, and the West in general, but now no Western power takes them in. . . .” — Hassan Nasrallah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the Secretary General of Hezbollah.  This speech was delivered on 16 January 2011.  The quotation above is a partial translation of the speech.  Click here for NOW Lebanon‘s translation of the speech; click here for Elias Muhanna’s translation of and live-blogging about the speech.  Cf. <>; <>; <>.

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