The Egyptian Working Class Enters the Arena with Full Force

My sources have just confirmed this now.  The Cairo Public Transportation workers, who started a strike today in six garages — Nasr Station, Fateh Station, Ter’a Station, Amiriya Station, Mezzalat Station, Sawwah Station — have issued a statement with a list of demands, calling for overthrowing Mubarak.  No public buses will roam Cairo tomorrow, except those buses that will bring the drivers to the central station in Nasr City’s el-Gabal el-Ahmar, where the strikers have announced they will declare an independent union.

The strikers’ statement has also called for abolishing the emergency law, removing NDP from the state institutions, dissolving the parliament, drafting a new constitution, forming a national unity government, setting a national minimum wage of LE1200, and prosecuting corrupt officials.

This comes as strikes have spread literally everywhere.  It’s happening, people.  It’s happening.  The working class has entered the arena with full force today.  Mubarak’s regime’s fate will be sealed SOON!

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