Egypt’s Military Junta to Deploy More Troops to Sinai

This just in from AFP: “Israel has agreed to let Egypt deploy hundreds more troops in Sinai in order to protect gas pipelines as the country undergoes sweeping political unrest.”  Israel’s agreement to more Egyptian troop deployment exceeding the terms of the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty came just as the youth representatives of the tribes and clans of North and South Sinai issued a statement on 15 February 2011, pledging to “support the revolution” and to “protect the eastern borders of Egypt” while also calling for prosecution of the police officers involved in murdering protesters, demanding “the immediate lifting of the emergency law,” and asserting “their ownership of the Sinai lands.”

Cf. “Sinai Bedouins Take Part in Egyptian Revolution” (2 February 2011); and Mohammed Omer, “Revolution Spreads to Egypt’s Deprived Sinai” (The Electronic Intifada, 1 February 2011).


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