On the Regime and the Opposition in Syria


Despite my very negative position on the regime for private and public reasons, the truth is that the regime is very strong, and neither the outside nor the inside were able to make it change its usual stances.  This strength does not come from a vacuum.  The regime has a broad popular base that supports it at home and abroad, whether out of conviction or opportunism.  And ignoring this issue on the part of the Transitional Council is the first indication that the opposition does not know yet the true meaning of democracy. . . .

Nabil Fayyad, an expert in comparative religion and biblical criticism, is a Syrian intellectual who is an outspoken critic of the Syrian regime.  He has been arrested and detained by the Syrian authorities in the past.  The original Arabic note by Fayyad was first published on a Facebook page administered by Fayyad’s supporters on 29 August 2011.  The English translation above was adapted from Sate‘s translation published in his blog Syrian Musings on 30 August 2011.  Cf. As’ad AbuKhalil, “Syrian Opposition Council” (Angry Arab News Service, 29 August 2011); Kate Seelye, “Why Can’t the Syrian Opposition Get Along?” (Foreign Policy, 1 September 2011); Aziza, “#Syria activsts have labelled next Friday as ‘Day of Rage’ against #Russia.  Does this mean they are losing hope of winning w/o foreign help?” (@Aziza23, 12 September 2011).

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