Israel Prepares for Palestinian Authority’s UN Bid for Statehood

Israel Prepares for Palestinian Authority's UN Bid for Statehood
Israel prepares for the Palestinian Authority’s UN bid
for a blue chair of its own called “Palestine’s Right” . . .

Victor Nieto is a cartoonist in Venezuela.  His cartoons frequently appear in Aporrea and Rebelión among other sites.  Cf. “It is important to stress at the outset that whether the UN grants the Palestinian Authority (PA) the government of a state under occupation and observer status as a state or refuses to do so, either outcome will be in the interest of Israel” (Joseph Massad, qtd. in Ali Abunimah, “Palestinian Analysts Continue to Debate, Oppose PA ‘Statehood’ Bid,” The Electronic Intifada, 19 September 2011).

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