Bundaím, Socialists in Yiddish and Hebrew


Dear comrades and friends,

On May Day 2006, I was invited to celebrate with the members of the “Bund” in Israel.  I took my video camera with me.  I thought it will be a one-time occasion, but it became a five-and-half-year political and personal journey.

Unlike my previous films (Matzpen and Madrid Before Hanita, about the volunteers to the International Brigades in Spain), my requests for financial support from funding bodies and broadcasters were rejected.

Despite this, I knew I had to continue filming, researching, and editing.  Finally, today, through the support of some friends, modest financial support from Yiddish and research institutes, and many loans, I succeeded in completing the film.

I’m happy to say that the last survivors of the “Bund” like it very much and I’m very proud of it.  Here is the opening of the film:

I’m offering you to order this DVD for 100 NIS / 20€ / $30, which includes shipping.  Supporting the film by ordering more than one copy or paying a higher price would be greatly appreciated.

You can send payment by credit card using www.paypal.com (click on “send money”) — my account is erantor@gmail.com.  Or if you prefer you can send a cheque to my address.  I’ll send you the DVD immediately.

In solidarity,

Eran Torbiner
Shulamit 8
Tel-Aviv 64371

Technical note: The length of the film is 48 minutes, it’s with English and Hebrew subtitles (the languages in the film are Hebrew and Yiddish), and it’s in PAL, the broadcasting system in Europe and Israel.  Those of you from North America will be able to watch it on your computers.

Eran Torbiner is a filmmaker.  See, also, “Entrevista a Eran Torbiner: reflexiones sobre el sionismo y la ‘izquierda israelí'” (Alternative Information Center, 22 August 2011).


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