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Pedro Ribeiro Simões Follow Democracy Museu do Aljube - Resistência e Liberdade (Icons) Lisbon, Portugal DEMOCRACIA (Possible definitions) U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as: «Government of the people, by the people, for the people»

What is ‘social democracy’?

GOOD question! Look up the term in a dictionary and you’ll find a definition something along the lines of “an ideology that advocates or supports political, social and economic interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a representative democracy and capitalist economy.”

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A still from The Young Karl Marx (2017)

A possible Communist redefinition of love

In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou defined love as a form of “minimal communism [where] the real subject of a love is the becoming of the couple and not the mere satisfaction of the individuals that are its component parts.”(1) Earlier in the book, Badiou provided a more elegant statement, associating the act of […]

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Welcome to Global Ecosocialist Network

Welcome to Global Ecosocialist Network

The Global Ecosocialist Network (GEN) is being launched at a moment of extreme danger for humanity. The intensity of the crisis and the scale of the danger is hard to grasp or express adequately because, unless you are in one of the parts of the world currently experiencing extreme weather, it cannot yet literally be […]

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Statue Dessau Marx - Free photo on Pixabay

Marx’s concept of socialism

The discussions and debates that have accompanied the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth since 2018 have provided an important opportunity to re-examine heretofore neglected aspects of his political and philosophical legacy. Foremost among them is the extent to which his body of work provides conceptual resources for developing a viable emancipatory to capitalism in […]

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Pancha Vásquez

In Commune: Pancha Vásquez

This chapter of “In Commune” explores the Pancha Vásquez Commune in Apure state, where communards are working hand in hand with local farmers to fight smuggling and speculation with autonomous barter systems and communal markets.

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Steam Community :: Guide :: The Game of Capitalism in DF2

The “fixing capitalism” headfake

It’s not hard to see why young people are embracing socialism. It isn’t simply that they can see a probable grim future under capitalism as they know it: more and more low-wage, high surveillance jobs versus more budget and psychological stress as most also have higher fixed costs (rentier housing costs, student loan payments, even […]

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Neoclassical Marxism (Christmas Special) with @NMarxism

This December, we bring you a special Christmas episode of our program, featuring the enigmatic operator behind the increasingly popular Twitter account known as “Neoclassical Marxism,” or @NMarxism. @NMarxism is a deeply satirical Twitter project, which deploys Modern Monetary Theory and some very dark humor to critique the neoclassical economics and neoliberal assumptions that unconsciously […]

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Making sense of a shattering defeat

As soon as the scale of Labour’s shattering defeat began to emerge last night, pundits began to push the line that this was not just about Brexit but about Jeremy Corbyn and the shift towards socialism. No election is just about one issue—but the evidence backs up the argument that Brexit was the defining factor.

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Berlin Bulletin by Victor Grossman

The Wall and General Pyrrhus

A stern, history-based evaluation awakens doubts that, despite the paeans in the world media, the fall of the Berlin Wall was not purely a peaceful revolution, a choice of freedom by the masses, another successful victory for freedom and justice as in past centuries.

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