Sectarian Syrian Oppositionists: For Israel, GCC, and USA, Against Bahraini and Palestinian Liberation Struggles?

The attempt by sectarian Syrian oppositionists to silence Bahraini and Palestinian voices documented below by Maath Musleh and Sara Yasin occurred at a demonstration ostensibly for all Arab revolts organized by Amnesty International at Trafalgar Square, London, 11 February 2011. (It is noteworthy, though, that Amnesty International itself gives top billing to Syria in its post-event press release: see <>). — Ed.

N.B. Maath Musleh and Sara Yasin are both strong supporters of the anti-government protesters in Syria.

For the voices of Syrian dissidents who are firmly opposed to sectarianism displayed above, visit <> (Communists, led by Qadri Jamil); <> (led by Haytham Manaa); <> (led by Luay Hussein); <> (Samir Aita, Editor of Le Monde diplomatique, Arabic edition).

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