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​​​​​​​The issue-less impeachment: the corporate democrats stand for nothing, so they impeach for nothing

Originally published: Black Agenda Report on December 12, 2019 (more by Black Agenda Report)  |

The corporate Democrats are effectively exonerating themselves and their Republican brethren of the full spectrum of lawlessness that is everyday politics in the belly of the racist, imperial beast.

The impeachment of Donald Trump has nothing to do with social justice at home and abroad, global environmental stability, or the rule of law anywhere on the planet. Rather, the corporate Democrats have methodically narrowed the scope of the indictment to exclude all the actual crimes of this president against humanity, peace, the environment and the rule of law–for the obvious reason that both corporate parties and all modern U.S. presidents are collectively and individually guilty. In limiting the indictment to Trump’s attempted political extortion of Ukraine for the purpose of influencing a U.S. election–a laughable charge, since the Kiev regime is the creature of the U.S. (Democratic) engineered overthrow of the previous, elected Ukraine government–the Democrats are effectively exonerating themselves and their Republican brethren of the full spectrum of lawlessness that is everyday politics in the belly of the racist, imperial beast.

Trump will be put in the dock for a (relatively) minor offense as a kind of purgative of the whole corporate system’s rotten innards It’s like indicting the mass-murdering, criminal war-waging South African apartheid regime for gerrymandering elections in which Blacks, by law, could not vote. The cited offense is meaningless, and all the rest is forgiven.

The corporate Democrats have used the vile, childishly compulsive and overtly racist Trump as a straw man ever since he announced for the 2016 presidential race. They desperately needed an opponent as personally “deplorable” as The Donald, to make themselves appear “progressive” by comparison. When you’re running against The Devil, simply not being Lucifer is enough. With Trump as her opponent, Hillary Clinton could campaign on a platform of–not much of anything. The Democrats reasoned that, given a choice between the status quo (endless austerity and war) and rule by a dangerously unpredictable, race-baiting clown, the people would opt for the status quo. It was a miscalculation.

Thanks to Wikileaks (whose founder, Julian Assange, languishes in prison for revealing mega-crimes of the United States under both parties) we know that the Democratic National Committee urged its operatives and friendly media to encourage Trump’s quest for the nomination. It worked like a charm, or a curse. The Age of Trump, as defined by who dominates the corporate airwaves, began long before the Orange Con Man seized control of half of the duopoly electoral system. By the time Trump squeezed out an Electoral College victory over the Democrats, corporate media had awarded him $5 billion in free air time–more than his Republican opponents, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, combined. The Democrats should have been more careful about what to wish for.

Having inflicted Trump on the nation and the world, the Democrats, through Uberlord Hillary Clinton, blamed it on The Russians and Putin’s “assets” within the U.S. polity–meaning Black Agenda Report and other left-wing web sites slandered by the Washington Post and its otherwise anonymous source, Prop-Or-Not. But, despite their surprise loss at the polls, the Democrats were still in need of Trump as a straw man.  During the course of the 2016 campaign most of the ruling class and their media had crowded into Hillary Clinton’s big fat tent–along with the scariest denizens of the national security state–in panic at the prospect of the unpredictable Trump at the helm of American Empire. Clinton’s defeat became an opportunity to purge the U.S. political conversation of meddlesome Left voices and to reclaim the political narrative for American Exceptionalism–an imperial version of white supremacy that is versatile enough to accommodate a nominally Black president.

With the Russiagate-endorsing CIA as a public partner, the Democrats became the premier Party of War, while Trump solidified the GOP’s longtime status as the White Man’s Party–a true Devil’s Duopoly, within whose sulphuric confines Black voters feel little choice but to huddle with the less overtly racist of the Beelzebubs (even when “less racist” means Joe Biden, the mass incarcerator and friend of Dixiecrats). Trump still gets more air time than anybody else, or any issue–because the Democrats and the corporate media have made him the sole issue of public discourse, along with the Russians. The demonization of foreign enemies has come home to roost. The U.S. ruling class is split, creating a crisis of legitimacy in the U.S. political order for all the world to see, but which is blamed on the Russians, in furtherance of endless war and to continue the purge of the Left.

It is a bizarre impeachment, nothing like the attempt to rid the nation of Andrew Johnson, after the Civil War. Johnson was a racist Democrat who was unalterably opposed to Black political equality through Radical Reconstruction of the defeated Confederacy. His successful impeachment might have strangled Jim Crow in its cradle. The odious and ridiculous Donald Trump is highly unlikely to be removed by the Senate, but the Democrats’ issue-less impeachment charade is yet another opportunity to extend Trump’s usefulness as straw man, with Democrats hoping once again that this will be a winning electoral strategy. But even if Trump is reelected, he will still be the corporate Democrats’ straw man, whose very presence is used to drown out demands for an end to constant warfare and the Race to the Bottom.

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