• Santiago Sierra Says No

    Santiago Sierra (Madrid, 1966), an internationally recognized Spanish artist, has just rejected the “Spanish National Prize for Visual Arts,” writing a letter to Culture Minister Ángeles González-Sinde, who, in the Rodríguez Zapatero administration, represents the interests of media magnates.  See below Sierra’s original letter to the minister, dated “Madrid, Brumaire 2010” (the month straddling October […]

  • The True Flag of the State of Israel

    Designed by Ciudad Futura, inspired by Antonio Pérez, “Piratas sionistas contra pistolas de pintura” (Rebelión, 1 June 2010) and Robert Booth, Kate Connolly, Tom Philips, and Helena Smith, “Gaza Flotilla Raid: ‘We Heard Gunfire — Then Our Ship Turned into Lake of Blood’” (Guardian, 2 June 2010). | Print